A New Day, A New Me

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but what’s new? I tend to go longer periods of time updating than I use to. I just don’t always feel like it. Last time I posted, I was talking about how I was going to be making an attempt at decorating my house, my living room, in particular. I’m not much colors and things like that. I stick to pastel colors or just black in general. I do, however, think there are so many things I could do to what I already have, but for now I’m satisfied with the simplified results.

Living Room

Living Room

I love the way that everything looks. I have never really been a person to get bold with colors but I’m sure that one day I’m going to walk in the house and decide that something else needs to be added. I still have yet to hang photos but I plan on getting to that at some point or another.

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2014 – A Year Dedicated To ME

I haven’t been doing much lately, but what else is new? All that’s every on my agenda is family and work. This new year has brought forth many new and exciting goals, one of which is to find the time to completely furnish and decorate my home to my liking. As you know, I moved here in July of last year but I didn’t really have the motivation to even finish unpacking everything in the boxes in my office. I have a home office, now and it allows me the time to think, write and do whatever my heart desires. It’s still filled with moving boxes full of miscellaneous items that I plan on going through in due time. The issue is that admittedly, I’m a hoarder of sorts. It’s not bad like you would see in that shit hoarders, but some of this shit definitely could be thrown out. The problem with that is, I work too hard to buy some of these things and I hate being wasteful, so the items that I’m not going to be keeping are going to be donated to people who could possibly use them and wouldn’t pack them away as I’ve done. I thought about selling them but I just can’t do that knowing that people have a hard enough time financially.

Most of what I have planned revolves around turning my house into a home. Reading Carla’s has inspired me to really express my creativity with this project. I’ve put it off for too long. Up until last year, I’d never been able to do that because I’d always lived with my younger siblings who weren’t particular keen on keeping the house up to par or not breaking my shit. I’d come home to a messy house or broken items that no one would be able to replace, of course. That’s the price you pay when you have people staying with you.

My home is my comfort zone. I’m not an outdoorsy person, like, at all. I do enjoy going out every now and again but it’s not a necessity. I’m perfectly fine with staying in, fucking around on the internet, playing video games, watching movies/TV shows or curling up with a good book. I yearn for some peace and quiet after a long and hectic day. I don’t think I need much else, honestly.

Home Office

Home Office

My office is quote cozy. It’s not much right now, but when I do get everything situated, I definitely will be posting updated pictures. I’m pretty excited! To be honest, I don’t even really do much when I’m in there. It’s sort of my very own sanctuary. I have made an attempt at writing a book but there are constant distractions at the moment. I mostly browse the net on my laptop, while watching movies on my desktop. The little things make me happy.

I think I’m going to start incorporating photos into my posts.

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