New Opportunities

When I first started blogging, I really hadn’t an idea what I’d be blogging about. I would write about my graphic designing escapades, personal life and other pointless things. The truth is, I’ve always enjoyed writing. I have a passion for it. I’d always chosen to write about different matters on other sites where I felt that people would truly read what I had to say. I made this website my personal site, blogging about senseless things and rambling on about my life and the changes I was going through. I decided to share my personal life on more private websites such as livejournal. This website will serve as a portal into my inner and outer thoughts about matters of the heart and the world.

I have made it a personal duty not to force myself to remain committed to write simply because I have a website that needs to be updated. It will be much more than that. I will no longer hold my thoughts inside. Reader discretion is advised.

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  1. March 28, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    I still have my LiveJournal. Till to this day, I don’t know how to code it. Something that I just wont ever understand. But I do like doing my journals on there. Thinking about opening it back up again. I never know what I’m going to blog about until that reason pops up in my head suddenly. There are times I have a lot to say, but nothing to write my thoughts down on. That’s why I love my phone. Instant WP at my finger tips.

  2. April 27, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    that for man to be more than a mindless aumttaoon he would have to have free will. Therefore, we are imperfect beings with free will. We have the choice to go against God or to follow him. The wrong choice leads to evil which brings punishment.Yes, God already knew the outcome of man’s free will. He also knew the remedy. Man’s sin was covered by the death of animals to make clothing and thus the atonement of sins is made possible by the shedding of blood. But the blood of animals is only covering the sin. The sacrifice of his Son would wipe it away.Atheism demands physical evidence, but it seems to ignore what is all around. The probability of this universe starting from nothing and ending up the way it has is beyond comprehension. There is no evidence to definitively prove life forming spontaneously and then evolving on a macro level. I believe species change over time, but all within the framework created by God. There is no proof of one species becoming something entirely different (i.e. ape to man). That being said, there is no definitive proof of God. I can’t point to something and say it proves there is a God. Personally, I don’t see how you can’t see his work, but I think we all have our moments of doubt, some more than others. But I see a most remarkable book, the Bible, written by around 40 different authors, over the course of many hundreds of years and no one has proven anything in it to be false. It has some of the oldest manuscripts in the world that show the current version is authentic.I wouldn’t say that religions favor ultimate punishment for those that disagree. I don’t want to see anyone meet that end, but really, if there is a God then he is THE JUDGE of the universe and what he says goes. I think everyone will know his judgment is right on that last day. God will judge rightly, you can be certain.I would mostly agree with you about secular governments. The only thing I would add is that government should not sanction unhealthy behavior. Your example of prostitution should not be illegal, but it should not be legitimized either. The consequences of such behavior should be taught to our kids and also we should provide a way out for those caught in the trap. The majority should not finance the bad behavior of the minority. Also, government should not favor one religion over another, but it should treat all equally.I cannot agree that countries run themselves without God interfering. Since my beliefs say that God is in control of everything then he is interfering all the time. Everything is working toward his goal.Evolution on a macro level is unproven. On a micro level, evolution within a species is visible all around. We have been made to adapt, to an extent. So this is our point of divergence. I believe man’s morality and logic shows that he is above the animals and he does have a purpose because he was made that way. Like you said, no other animal is like us.Before “Christianity” there was still a God. Remember, he was there in the beginning. “Christianity” is a word used to describe people who believe that Jesus was the Anointed one of God (the Messiah). This Messiah was first referenced in Genesis 3:15 in the garden of Eden, then throughout the whole Hebrew scriptures. His life and death was described exactly like Jesus’ 700 years before Jesus was born in the book of Isaiah. So Christianity’s morals come from the same God mentioned in Hebrew teachings that date back to Moses around 1300 BC. We believe our morals trace back farther than that, but the oldest writings come from Moses.Who’s Gods are more real? I think I’ve given a big long answer to why I think Christianity is real already. However, I think God will judge men according to what they already know. The Asmats did not know Jesus or God (Yahweh/Jehovah) so their conscience will be their law. This is found in the book of Romans somewhere. I can elaborate some other time if you like.Homosexuality among dolphins is irrelevant really. You can only sin if you know what is right and wrong. I’m sure dolphins and other animals do not lust for one another like we do. Sexual sin is wrong because we value the pleasure more than obeying God. God’s ground rules are violated for a quicky. That’s not to say that animals have not been corrupted because of sin. All of creation is burdened by our sin.The “butchering” of the Midianites was different then because God said to do it. I cannot adequately explain it, but man’s atrocities are not the same in God’s eyes. God saw killing “innocent” people as an atrocity. The Midianites were not innocent.You say the Bible is no less likely to be true than the other religious books. I say this is false. Show me one thing in it that has been proven false. Not one prediction or historical fact presented in it has been proven false.I have not read “The God Delusion.” I wouldn’t mind reading it, but I’d rather spend my meager income on something else. My perceptions come from his lectures and debates. He just seems mean. Maybe that’s just him being British?Well, that was possibly the longest blog comment ever written. Thanks for being a good sport.

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