Young Kid – Computer Repair Alpharetta

Young Kid – Computer Repair Alpharetta

Okay so this young kid-genius (at least that’s what I call him…lol) owns his very own company and it is Computer Repair Alpharetta, which is Computer Repair Alpharetta, GA. I spoke with him in length on how and when he started his company since he is only 18 years old now as I write this in 2016.

He told me he started messing around with PC’s and laptops when he was only 12yrs old! He would get his Mom so mad due to the fact that he would take all the electronics apart and put them back together. His Mom now loves it but at the time she didn’t realize he would put these things back together and they would either be fixed or work even better!

Now, with that, he also programs and loves to develop programs as well. In fact, he asked me to put his friends video in this post, which I did below. He doesn’t want his own name mentioned at this time, but his friend has a Youtube video and very proud of it! He hangs out with other prodigies and soon to be millionaires for sure!

For his company, Computer Repair Alpharetta, he services all laptops and computers in and around the communities near there. This entrepreneur is amazing and so young. I know for me, I always say, “If I only started earlier”, just like this kid! Best part is though with starting your own small business, being a true entrepreneur, is that you can start as young as you want and as old as you want!

That’s the true beauty of being an entrepreneur, starting your own small business. So, with that, stop by and check out all the new posts that I will be writing throughout the next months to come!

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New Owner Computer Repair Suwanee GA

New Owner Computer Repair Suwanee GA

This young owner of Computer Repair Suwanee GA is such an incredible young man. He started working on PC’s, laptops and gaming PC’s since he was 12 years old. He’s now only 19 and has started his very own computer repair in Suwanee, Georgia. What an intelligent young man to get started on this journey so early in life.

As I was speaking with his Mom and Dad, who he still lives with, they were telling me since he was so very young that he would take apart electronics and fix them, then put them back together again. The Mom would get a little tired of seeing all her electronics always in parts…LOL

But the best part is that her son always put them back together. Especially, if something wasn’t working, her son would dismantle it, fix it and put it back together in no time at all.

Now, moving up a few years, he is now the proud owner of his own computer repair shop which also serves communities outside of Suwanee.

Whether you’re having issues with your computer or laptop?
Or maybe it’s freezing up right when you need it most?
Or don’t you hate when it’s just simply running slower than a turtle walks?
Did your screen go black?
Or the most dreaded is those nasty viruses?

Whatever the case, this young entrepreneur can fix it for you for a great price too at his main shop Computer Repair Suwanee GA.

Now, again as I stated above, he does work in all surrounding communities but he likes to focus on the big cities also. So, even if you think you aren’t close enough, it would be well worth it to call upon him for your PC and/or laptop remedies.

Here’s the main site to go to:



Owner of Limo Service Anaheim Speaks Out

Owner of Limo Service Anaheim Speaks Out

We all believe that limousines are much more expensive than we can afford, right? Well, that is absolutely not true any longer in this day and age. Limo Service Anaheim can let you ride in a beautiful limousine for an affordable price! We spoke with the owner of this Anaheim limousine company and he is offering his service for less than others in his area to give back to his community.

We actually had a long conversation with this limousine service in beautiful Anaheim area in regards to affordable limousine service. This is actually an enlightening subject, whereas, limo service is now the affordable wayt o get somewhere, even compared to taxi cabs, which we all know are stinky and gross.

Yes, you are reading this right! Limo Service Anaheim has statistics that limo their limo bookings are affrodable and are growing at a rate of speed that is unbelievable! You can afford a luxurious limousine nowadays.

All of these statistics are not only from this particular limousine company, but nationwide. So, instead of taking a stinky, non-customer service driver taxi cab so-called service, you just need to call this affordable cheap limo service in the entire area of Los Angeles and Orange County areas! I mean really, get spoiled from the chauffeur along with a perfect limo ride.

If you live in these areas, planning on visiting our beautiful cities, call them today! Can you picture it now how their limousines will light up your face. Luxurious inside and outside. Inside their pristine limos, one will smell the nice aroma of brand new leather and immaculate carpet!

Limousines are now an everyday use in all areas. Executive meetings, well-awaited weddings, all birthdays, special quinceanera’s, annual anniversaries, exciting proms, beautiful homecomings, all sports events, any type of church events, those airport service calls, even funerals, exotic wine tours, crazy concerts and many more!

What about that night on the town when you and friends will be drinking special beverages, one definitely does not want to drive. Those dreaded DUI’s are just ‘not’ worth the pain it can cause, let alone the cost of a DUI. We all know what can happen when drinking and driving and it’s not pretty. The DUI is the least of what can happen when drinking and driving. A fatal car accident may happen, thereby killing an innocent person.

Please take this seriously, hire this inexpensive Limo Service in Anaheim, not a smelly taxi cab and spoil yourself and your loved ones!

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A Growing Business – Limo Service Los Angeles

A Growing Business – Limo Service Los Angeles

Are you planning to travel around the city of Los Angeles to see beautiful sites and views but you do not have own transportation service? Then, there is no need for you to worry for that. There is the service of limo service Los Angeles which will take you to the place that you want to go with.  The Service provide comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable ride for you wherever you want to go. Going to your target place around the town can be stressful without transportation service to make things easy and fast for you. You need to carry and transfer all your belongings and things just to fill all your needs, in this case, it is very important that you need for the service of limousine to accommodate all your things secure and safety.

What is Limo Service Los Angeles?

Limo Service Los Angeles is characterized as one type of rental transportation that use for reservation for some important occasions and purposes. There are many special occasions that each individual need to participate and celebrate. With this kind of rental reservation, you will be able to go your reach destination without any traffic or hassle. What’s good for this limousine service is that, there is no need for you to become problematic of transportation that you need to use for you to go to your place of destination. But, make sure that if there is important occasion that you need to attend, you have to make the service reservation of limousine a day before the occasion. This is very essential so that your chosen limousine service will make reserved for that day just for you.

Why you need to reserve for limousine service Los Angeles?

There are some instances why you need to consider the service of limousine service Los Angeles. This is order for you prepare for the special occasion or event that you must need to attend, for this, if you prefer to hire for the service of limousine, there is no need for you to think for the car that you need to use on that special occasion. Reservation for limousine service is very important. Sometimes, it might be cause problem or conflict if you are not prepared for the transportation that you will use. Through the service of this transportation, you will become ready as well as you will not consume time just to make sure that your service is the best for you.

There are many situations wherein you need to reserve for the service of limousine. First, when you have special occasions that you want to attend and sometimes if you want to make tour with your family. It is good idea that you use the service for you to save money because you will need to pay for the time that you consumed w when you use it. For sure, you will be overwhelmed and surprised having limousine service Los Angeles and enjoy the feeling of being on the best limousine hire for good transportation around Los Angeles.

Living in Los Angeles and The Great Transportation

So, you’re living in the beautiful city of Los Angeles! So many attractions to see and do. Let’s talk about the transportation situation in this city. What do you think of it? What’s your opinion? I hear different perspectives on both the positive side and the negative side of the transportation in LA.

How about the taxi cabs in Los Angeles? I know for most people, they prefer not to even get into a taxi in LA. What I have heard the most from people in LA is that taxi cabs are usually nasty, smelling of who knows what, driver is non-customer service, expensive and the wait for one to get to the location is too long.

Here are the statistics on this subject for Los Angeles and that is limo service in Los Angeles is now more affordable than stinky taxi cabs! This is the current stats for 2015! When we priced taxi’s vs limousines in Los Angeles the price came out the same, in fact, sometimes limos were less expensive than gross taxi cabs!

Why would anyone pick a taxi or a luxurious limousine if the price is about the same? Not sure about that answer, however, all I can say is going to a sports event or to a restaurant or wherever, riding in a pristine chauffeur-driven limousine in Los Angeles is much more comfortable and affordable that a taxi. Remember that taxi cab picked up people the night before who were drunk, probably vomitted inside, did other things in the back seat that we won’t even mention and you want to ride in that?

I don’t think so! So, now you know you can hire a beautiful Los Angeles Limousine with a professional chauffeur, luxury interior, always on time for a very reasonable cost…

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