Maybe Next Time

I wrote a post yesterday about going back to school. I deleted it, though. I was suppose to start on May 28th, but plans fell through because I ran into some issues, which I plan on getting resolved before the next semester starts, so no big deal. I was disappointed at first, but then I thought that perhaps it’s just not my time right now. This means I’ll have more time to prepare. It only sucks a little bit having to wait but at this point, I have the patience. There’s nothing I can do to speed it up so I’ve convinced myself not to sit around and mope about it. I will admit I felt a little pressured trying to get everything together in such a short time anyhow. So when I really started to think about the situation, I was a little relieved, while being disappointed. Is that possible?

A New Day, A New Me

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but what’s new? I tend to go longer periods of time updating than I use to. I just don’t always feel like it. Last time I posted, I was talking about how I was going to be making an attempt at decorating my house, my living room, in particular. I’m not much colors and things like that. I stick to pastel colors or just black in general. I do, however, think there are so many things I could do to what I already have, but for now I’m satisfied with the simplified results.

Living Room

Living Room

I love the way that everything looks. I have never really been a person to get bold with colors but I’m sure that one day I’m going to walk in the house and decide that something else needs to be added. I still have yet to hang photos but I plan on getting to that at some point or another.

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