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Functional positioning of the website

The Ningde People's Government portal website adheres to the public as the center, regards serving the public and serving enterprises as the starting point and destination, and adheres to the three major functions of "public information disclosure, online services and interactive communication", and strives to build a service-oriented government network platform. .


Who Should Serve This Website

The Ningde People's Government portal website focuses on the three major functional orientations of open government affairs information, online services and interactive communication, and provides content, services and interactive functions for the five service objects of citizens, enterprises and institutions, investors, tourists, and civil servants of party and government agencies. Design, fully meet the needs of the public, enterprises and institutions.


Website section settings

Integrate and provide government leaders, government departments, general information, government documents, planning plans, statistical information, financial funds, government procurement, major projects, emergency management, urban and rural construction, supervision and inspection, work trends, personnel information, agriculture, rural areas, and community information , Tourist information, investment promotion, government bulletin, special column, house demolition and land requisition, donation of relief funds and supplies, information on public enterprises and public institutions, Ningde Municipal People's Government Announcement, Ningde Municipal People's Government Press Conference, administrative permission, policy interpretation In addition, it has also set up a "Government Information Disclosure Column" to publish government information disclosure guides, catalogs, annual reports, and system regulations, and provide functions such as application disclosure, suggestion boxes, and provincial vertical information search engines.  

"Into Ningde" column: Provide historical content, natural geography, zoning population, Ningde economy, infrastructure, social undertakings, county profiles, friendship cities, Ningde City, Ningde Gallery, video Ningde and other content;  

"Online Services" column: Provides integrated service guides, forms downloads, online declarations, online inquiries, and online consulting services for various departments in various places, and provides services based on the theme and individual life cycle of individuals, legal persons, investors, and tourists. It also provides fast channels for special groups, and integrates online approval matters such as the online administrative approval acceptance release platform;  

"Interactive Communication" column: Provides interactive communication channels such as the mayor's mailbox, departmental mailbox, complaints about the effectiveness of agencies, live broadcast of interviews, suggestions and suggestions, online surveys, public opinion collection, and message leaving;

"Thematic column" column: including the creation of urban civilization topics, the full implementation of the "five major battles" in 150 days, and will be launched in a timely manner to reflect the hot topics of government work.  

RSS Information Subscription Service

In order to enable the majority of netizens and readers to more easily and quickly read various types of information on government portals, we have launched an RSS information subscription service. The advantage of the RSS information subscription service is that you only need to subscribe to the links of the sections you are interested in in the RSS news reader, and you can automatically obtain the latest article information of these sections through the RSS news reader, so as to enjoy the high quality we provide you. Quality information services.