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Online interview activities of Ningde government portal in the second half of 2019

Serial number

Interview time


Interview subject reference direction


August 22

Municipal Housing Provident Fund Management Center

Interpretation of the 2019 Provident Fund New Deal


August 29

Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau

Interpretation of the Notice of the Ningde Health and Health Committee of the Ningde Municipal Medical Security Bureau on Further Improving the Implementation of the Poverty Alleviation Medical Overlay Insurance Policy


September 4

City Tourism Bureau

The 9th Ningde World Geopark Cultural Tourism Festival


September 5

Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs

Interpretation of the Implementation Opinions of the People's Government of Ningde City on Promoting the Lifetime Vocational Skills Training System


September 12

City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology

专精特新 中小企业认定管理暂行办法》 Interpretation of the " Interim Measures for the Management of " Specialized and Special New " SMEs in Ningde City "


September 17

East Overseas Chinese Management Committee

Dongqiao Development Zone cooperates with Fujian Normal University in running schools and the development and planning of Dongqiao education


September 26

City Sports Bureau

In-depth development of national fitness activities


September 27

Fu'an Municipal People's Government

Strengthening the 'Big Four' Security Supervision and Regulating Market Order


October 10


Interpretation of "Guidelines for the Reform of the Enterprises Funded by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Ningde City"


October 17

Municipal Audit Bureau

Highlight risk prevention and control    Serving the macro management situation


October 24

Market Supervision Bureau

Do a good job of e-commerce operator registration and promote the sustainable and healthy development of e-commerce


October 31

Municipal Natural Resources Bureau

Land and Space Planning in the New Era


November 7

City Forestry Bureau

Create a national forest city and build an ecologically livable home


November 14

Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau

Interpretation of Guiding Opinions on Adding Elevators to Existing Residential Buildings in Ningde City (Trial)


November 21

Municipal Religious Affairs Bureau

Persist in the direction of the sinicization of religion and strive to improve the level of religious work in the province


November 28

Civil Affairs Bureau

Strengthen the construction of public cemeteries and ashes in urban and rural areas, and effectively improve the level of public service capabilities for funeral and burial


November 29

Xiapu County People's Government

Promote aquaculture and strengthen the economic construction of fishing ports


December 12

Fuding Municipal People's Government

Promote the construction of "Four Good Rural Roads"  


December 19

People's Government of Shouning County

Implement rural rejuvenation and consolidate the foundation for high-quality development


December 26

Municipal Emergency Bureau

Promote the reform of emergency management and serve the construction of a new era and new Ningde

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