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Interpretation of "Ningde City's Seven Measures to Deepen the Work of" Table Pollution "Work"

Index number: ND00101-0107-2019-00041 Document number: Ningzheng Office [2019] No. 90

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对推进食品安全工作,深化“餐桌污染”治理提出具体要求和措施。 Recently, the Office of the People's Government of Ningde City issued the "Ningde City's Seven Measures to Deepen the Control of" Table Pollution "(Ningzhengban [2019] No. 90) (hereinafter referred to as the" Seven Measures ") , to promote food safety work and deepen the" table pollution "Governance puts forward specific requirements and measures.

出台背景 I. Background of the "Seven Measures"

19 年将治理 餐桌污染 建设 食品放心工程 纳入为民办实事项目,并将食品安全工作纳入对县级政府和食品安全委员会成员单位的绩效考评体系和综治(平安建设)考核内容。 The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attach great importance to food safety work. For 19 consecutive years , the government has included the construction of " food table contamination " and " food assured projects " as private practical projects, and incorporated food safety work into the performance of county-level governments and members of the Food Safety Committee. Assessment system and comprehensive governance (safety construction) assessment content. 1.5 批次提高到 2.5 批次,市本级增加经费约 90 万由市财政予以保障(全市增加抽检经费约 500 万元),明年将每千人食品抽检量再增加到 4 批次。 Secretary Guo Xi and Mayor Liang Weixin also organized food safety investigations and chaired the plenary meetings of the Standing Committee and the Food Safety Committee, and the executive meeting of the municipal government to specialize in food safety research, increasing the number of food samples per 1,000 people from 1.5 to 2.5. For batches, about 900,000 additional funds at the municipal level will be guaranteed by the municipal finances (the city will increase the sampling inspection funds by about 5 million yuan). Next year, the number of food sampling inspections per 1,000 people will be increased to 4 batches. Deputy Mayor Huang Jianlong insists on conducting on-site investigation and supervision every month. 1 日,市委郭锡文书记主持召开市委专题会议,研究 学先进、赶先进、创先进工作。 On July 1 , the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Guo Xi presided over a special meeting of the Municipal Party Committee to study advanced, catch up, and create advanced work. 7 2 -3 日,市场监管局带着学经验、找差距、补短板的任务,前往厦门市学习 治理餐桌污染,建设食品放心工程 工作经验,并在 7 3 晚召开会议,研究消化先进经验做法, 形成《调研报告》,提出我市深化治理 餐桌污染 工作的措施和建议。 According to the spirit of the special meeting and the requirements of the main leaders of the municipal party committee, from July 2nd to 3rd , the Market Supervision Bureau took the task of learning experience, finding gaps, and making up shortcomings to Xiamen to learn "the treatment of table pollution and the construction of food assured projects. " Work experience, and held a meeting on the evening of July 3 , researched and digested advanced experience and practices, formed a "research report", and proposed measures and suggestions for deepening the work of " contamination at the table " in our city . 10 日、 18 日,市委林文芳副书记、市政府黄建龙副市长先后主持召开市委、市政府专题会议, 结合宁德财力和相关条件成熟与否, 就《调研报告》及下一步我市深化治理 餐桌污染 工作进行研究讨论,形成 《七条措施》 On July 10 and 18 , Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Lin Wenfang and Deputy Mayor Huang Jianlong of the Municipal Government presided over a special meeting of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Based on the maturity of Ningde's financial resources and related conditions, the city deepened the "Investigation Report" and the next step. Research and discussion on the work of contamination at the table was formed into the “Seven Measures” .

2. The main content of the "Seven Measures"

(I) In improving food safety in small food production and processing workshops

The first is to improve the catalogue of processed foods allowed in small workshops in the city. 应纳尽纳 的原则,在 12 月底前完成全市小作坊允许加工食品的适用范围、生产工艺、产品标准、风险等级和检验项目的论证,组织专家审定后报市政府批准,发布我市新版食品生产加工小作坊允许加工食品目录。 In accordance with the principle of " should be included " , the demonstration of the applicable scope, production technology, product standards, risk levels and inspection items of processed foods allowed in small workshops in the city should be completed by the end of December . The city's new version of the small food production and processing workshop allows processing of food catalogs. The second is to unify the basic hygiene requirements for small food production and processing workshops. Completed the formulation of the "Basic Hygiene Conditions for Food Production and Processing Small Workshops in Ningde City". For small workshop products that have no reference to national standards, industry standards and local standards, industry associations are used as carriers to formulate group standards for related products. The third is to uniformly standardize the food labeling and packaging standards for small workshops. 2020 7 1 日起,全市小作坊食品实行包装销售,所有食品经营单位不得销售和使用无食品标识的小作坊食品。 Formulate food labeling and packaging requirements for small food production and processing workshops in the city, and set a certain period of transition. From July 1 , 2020 , small food workshops in the city will be packaged and sold. All food business units must not sell or use food without food labels. Small workshop food. The fourth is to regulate and promote improvement. 规范一批、提升一批、淘汰一批 的要求,通过发证检验费用由所在地财政出资等方式,促使小作坊改进卫生条件、安装监控视频等提高食品安全保障水平。 In accordance with the requirements of " regulating a batch, upgrading a batch, eliminating a batch " , the local government financed the certification inspection costs and other methods to promote small workshops to improve sanitary conditions and install monitoring videos to improve food safety and security. The fifth is to carry out the pilot of small workshop processing alliance. Counties (cities and districts) with conditions are encouraged to set aside an area to set up a small workshop production and processing concentrated area to create a small workshop brand with local characteristics.

(B) in solving the "one old and one small" food safety supervision difficulties

Adhering to the principles of incorporating supervision vision and ensuring food safety, we insisted on separation of management and management, and established food archives for respecting the food safety of elderly (private) institutions and private kindergartens that have not yet obtained the main body qualifications. management.

(3) In addressing food safety risks in rural collective dinners

The county as a unit and the insurance company signed a rural collective dinner food safety liability insurance contract. By participating in food safety insurance, the insurance mechanism is used to resolve and disperse food safety risks, protect the rights and interests of the insured, and publicize and guide. Manage coverage, strengthen accurate guidance on food safety in rural collective dinners, and eliminate potential food safety hazards.

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