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Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Main Points of Opening Government Affairs in 2018

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State Council issued [2018] No. 23

People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and agencies directly under the State Council:

The "Key Points of Open Government Affairs in 2018" has been agreed by the State Council, and is now being issued to you. Please implement it carefully and in accordance with the actual situation.

Office of the State Council

April 8, 2018

(This is publicly available)


Highlights of Open Government Affairs in 2018

To do a good job of making government affairs public in 2018, we must fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC. Guided by Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have fully implemented the government affairs disclosure The series of work deployment, adhere to the overall planning, highlight the focus, vigorously promote decision-making, implementation, management, service, results disclosure, and continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of open government affairs, promote the transformation of government functions, deepen the decentralization of power, innovate supervision methods, and promote economic The sustainable and healthy development of society has helped build a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with.

I. Efforts to strengthen public interpretation and response

(1) Comprehensively promote open government affairs around the construction of a government ruled by law. Openness and transparency should be taken as the basic requirements for government work, and adherence to openness should be the norm, and non-disclosure should be the exception. The matters discussed and decided at the plenary meetings and executive meetings of the government, and policies formulated by the government and its departments, should be disclosed in a timely manner, except where confidentiality is required by law. In order to publicly promote the implementation of law-based administration and policies to take effect, fully protect the people's right to know. The formulation and introduction of policy documents related to the public interest and public interest should clearly stipulate the disclosure of relevant information to make the implementation of the policy more sunny and transparent. In combination with government agency reform and function optimization, we will do a good job in adjusting and publicizing the list of responsibilities and responsibilities of government departments, strengthen restrictions on and supervision of administrative power, and promote the full and standardized performance of duties by government departments in accordance with the law. To further promote the suggestions made by the people's congress deputies and the results of the members of the CPPCC, and the suggestions and proposals that are widely concerned by the society and related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, the organizer should, in principle, publicly reply to the full text. Establish a mechanism for disclosing market access negative list information. Full implementation of "dual random, one open" supervision, comprehensive and timely disclosure of comprehensive supervision and inspection law enforcement information from multiple channels, improving supervision effectiveness and impartiality, and strengthening supervision deterrent and credibility.

(2) Increase the initiative to openly focus on key areas. The government's information disclosure system in areas such as financial budgets and final accounts, the approval and implementation of major construction projects, the allocation of public resources, and the construction of social public welfare undertakings should be implemented. Local governments at all levels and relevant departments of the State Council should do their work in accordance with their duties. Promote the full disclosure of financial budget and final account information of city and county governments and their departments. Formulate measures for the disclosure of local government debt information. According to the actual selection of major construction projects with high social attention in the region and industry, highlight the work of publicizing the results of winning bids, contract conclusion and implementation, land acquisition plan, compensation and resettlement plan for land acquisition, etc. Publicize the public resource transaction announcements, qualification review results, transaction process information, transaction information, performance information, and related change information in accordance with the law. Establish a public resource transaction data sharing platform system centered on the national public resource transaction platform, and promote the transparency of the entire process of public resource allocation. Further promote the disclosure of information such as precision poverty alleviation, social assistance support, food safety, major environmental pollution, and investigation and treatment of ecological damage incidents, and pay attention to the use of technical means to make public information retrievable, verifiable and available. Relevant departments in all regions should incorporate information disclosure in key areas into the basic directory for active disclosure and continue to promote it; publicize the information disclosure in key areas in the annual report on government information disclosure and accept social supervision.

(3) Strengthening the interpretation of policies around market stabilization expectations. Firmly grasp the fundamental requirements for promoting high-quality development, focus on in-depth advancement of supply-side structural reforms, accelerate the construction of an innovative country, deepen the reform of basic key areas, vigorously implement the strategy of rural revitalization, solidly promote the strategy of coordinated regional development, and actively expand consumption and Promote effective investment, promote the formation of a new pattern of comprehensive opening up, improve protection and improve people's livelihood, and other major deployments, and interpret relevant policies and measures, implementation and work results, and win the understanding and support of the people. Departments of the State Council should strengthen system construction and implement the main responsibility for information release. The main responsible comrades should fulfill their duties as the "first interpreters" of major policies, and actively participate in press conferences of the State Council Information Office and regular briefings of the State Council policies. Interpret policy background, key tasks, follow-up work considerations, etc., and timely and accurately convey authoritative information and policy intentions. For some highly professional policies, the lead drafting department should pay attention to the use of objective data, vivid examples, etc. to carry out visual and popular interpretations, explain the policies clearly, and avoid misunderstanding and misreading. We will focus on the interpretation of policies and measures related to the prevention and resolution of major risks, accurate poverty alleviation, and pollution prevention. We will pay close attention to the expected changes in the market, grasp the pace and intensity of policy interpretation, actively guide public opinion, and create a favorable environment for policy implementation.

(4) Strengthen public opinion response to major social concerns. Enhance public opinion risk prevention and control awareness, and closely monitor and collect emerging public opinions, especially those related to major economic and social policies, affecting the credibility of the party and government, and impacting the moral bottom line, so as to ensure timely warning, scientific research, proper handling, and effective response . Do a good job of responding to hot public opinion in the areas of people's livelihood, such as schooling and medical treatment, housing security, safety in production, disaster prevention and mitigation, food and drug safety, and elderly care services. Social expectations. Establish and improve a rapid response and coordination mechanism with publicity, online information, public security, communications management and other departments, strengthen communication with the news media, and improve the initiative, pertinence, and effectiveness of government affairs and public opinion responses. Respond to the public opinion of emergencies, and release authoritative information in a timely and accurate manner. Carry out the evaluation of government affairs public opinion response effects, establish an accountability system, responsible units and related responsible personnel who are unable to deal with major government affairs public opinion, respond improperly, and report in a timely manner, shall report criticisms or discuss rectification.

Focus on improving the effectiveness of government services

(5) Promote the openness of online office services. In accordance with the requirements of the State Council's Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Work of "Internet + Government Services" (Guo Fa [2016] No. 55), we will learn from and promote typical experiences and practices such as "invisible approval" to continuously innovate service methods and optimize the business environment. To add vitality to market players and increase convenience for the people. The implementation of relevant policies of the “Internet + Government Service” and its phased results will be made public in a timely manner. Open the online service hall service list, promote more matters to be handled online, realize the cataloging and standardization of service materials, and make the work of the masses more clear and convenient. Accelerate the interconnection of information systems such as government websites and the Chinese government network in various regions and departments, and promote "One Netcom Office" and "National Roaming" for government services. Establish and improve the mechanism for the acceptance, transfer, and feedback of Internet users' messages, consultations, and timely processing of responses to provide better services to the masses.

(6) Improving the service capacity of the physical government affairs hall. Strengthen the construction and management of the physical government affairs hall, promote the integration of offline and online, coordinate service resources, unify service standards, rationalize working mechanisms, strengthen department coordination, and the people and enterprises must go to the scene to strive for "only one door", " Run at most once. " Provincial (regional, municipal) units are used to publish a list of “one-off” issues and guidelines for local governments at all levels. Promote the "one window acceptance, parallel processing" model, and implement unified acceptance, one form filling, and background sub-offices. Strengthen the hardware and software facilities of the physical government affairs hall, optimize the allocation of power, ensure personnel, facilities, and funding, and set up comprehensive windows flexibly in accordance with the needs of the masses to avoid "unequal hot and cold" phenomenon in different service windows. Establish a sound incentive and restraint system, strengthen staff management, take a serious approach to discipline, standardize service behavior, and effectively improve service efficiency and quality.

(7) Optimize examination and approval services. Carry out a special inspection of office service information, focusing on checking whether the published office service information is accurate and standardized, consistent with the actual work, etc., and promptly rectify any problems if found. Focusing on deepening the reform of "decentralization of management services", the relevant measures, work progress, and reform effectiveness of the time when enterprises were started and the time for approval of building construction permits were reduced by half were disclosed in a timely manner. All sorts of certificates and materials required by the masses and enterprises for handling affairs shall be cleaned up and made public, and all laws and regulations shall be cancelled without the basis of laws and regulations. To further standardize and improve the work guidelines, no other requirements should be added beyond the work guidelines; for changes in the working conditions, the relevant information and specific implementation time of the changes should be made public within 1 working day after the approval process is completed. Implement the same-source management of service information on the online service hall and the real government service hall, and build and use a unified consulting knowledge base, government service resource database, to ensure that the content of online and offline service information is accurate and consistent, and it is convenient for the people and enterprises to do business.

3. Promote the construction of an open government affairs platform

(8) Strengthen management of government website construction. We will conscientiously implement the "Guidelines for the Development of Government Websites" (Guobanfa [2017] No. 47), optimize the evaluation system, continue to conduct regular spot checks, and continuously improve the level of government website management services. Strengthen the construction of government website content, enrich information resources, and strengthen information search and office services. Strictly implement the integration process of government websites and regulate the management of government website names and domain names. Vigorously promote the intensive construction of government websites, and establish and improve system mechanisms such as site construction, content distribution, and organizational security. Promote the deployment of the sixth version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6) on government websites. Provincial governments and the State Council departments should complete the portal-related transformation within the year. New government websites should fully support the sixth version of the Internet Protocol. Organize and carry out the pilot work of opening public information resources, rely on government websites to centralize and open government data, and explore the formulation of relevant standards and norms to form replicable and extensible experiences and practices. Improve the security mechanism of government websites, and do a good job of preventing attacks, tampering, and anti-virus. Establish and improve the government website user information protection system to ensure user information security.

(9) Make good use of the "two micro-end" new platform. Give full play to the flexible and convenient advantages of government affairs Weibo, WeChat, and mobile clients, and do a good job of information release, policy interpretation, and handling services to further enhance the effectiveness of publicity and improve service levels. In accordance with the principle of "who set up and who manages", implement the main responsibility, strictly check the content, and not release information that is not directly related to government functions. Improper information release and adverse effects should be rectified in a timely manner. Strengthen the daily supervision and maintenance of the "two micro-ends", and shut down integration with poor maintenance capabilities and few users.

(10) Integration of various government affairs hotlines. In response to problems reported by the masses, such as excessive numbers of government affairs hotlines, low connection rates, and lack of unified management, local governments at or above the county level must conduct a comprehensive clean-up and accelerate the integration of various government affairs hotlines. Office (room) for the record. Except for emergency hotlines and hotlines that need to be retained due to strong professionalism, high integration, and a large amount of consulting services, other principles should be integrated into a unified hotline platform, which implements centralized management, unified acceptance, transfer of duties, and time-limited Settle down, and strive to achieve "One Number External" and "One-Stop Service". Strengthen daily supervision and supervision of government affairs hotlines, and improve service levels of hotlines.

(11) Standardize and conduct government bulletin work in an orderly manner. According to the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Doing a Good Job in the Government Gazette" (Guobanfa [2018] No. 22), based on the quality edition of the government public newspaper, we will speed up the process of electronicizing the government bulletin and promote the construction of the government bulletin database. , Orderly open government bulletin data. Improve the mechanism for the State Council departments to provide documents for the State Council's bulletin. Promote the unified publication system for government and its departments' documents issued by government bulletins at the same level.

4. Promote the institutionalization and standardization of open government affairs

(12) Implement regulations on government information disclosure. Revised and promulgated the "Regulations on Disclosure of Government Information of the People's Republic of China". All regions and departments should adjust and improve relevant supporting measures, strictly implement the provisions of the new regulations, and do a good job of transition. According to the requirements of the new regulations, comprehensively sort out government information that should be proactively disclosed, and those that have not been disclosed must be disclosed to the society in a timely manner. Further standardize the work of making applications public, establish and improve procedures for receiving, registering, handling, and replying, and protect the rights of citizens, legal persons, and other organizations to obtain government information in accordance with the law. Combined with the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the regulations and the promulgation of newly revised regulations, various forms of publicity activities have been organized to create a good atmosphere for the general public to be fully informed, orderly participate, and fully supervised.

(13) Do a good job of summarizing and accepting the trials of open, standardized and standardized government affairs. The people's governments of the various provinces in the pilot provinces must implement their responsibilities, advance the pilot work, complete the pilot acceptance by the end of August, and submit the pilot results and overall information by the end of September. Each pilot area submits a set of open standards and recommendations. Relevant departments of the State Council should actively fulfill their business guidance responsibilities and provide strong support for the pilot units of the system; the standardization department of the State Council should give full play to their professional advantages and actively participate in the preparation of standards and specifications. The General Office of the State Council organized the formulation of the acceptance criteria for the pilot work, carried out spot checks and reviews on the pilot units, and, on the basis of summing up the experience of the pilot, started the compilation of open standards and specifications.

(14) Strengthen the review of government information disclosure. Government information must be scrutinized in strict accordance with laws and regulations before it is made public. In particular, it is necessary to do a good job of researching and judging the expression of public content, the timing of publicity, and the manner of publicity, in order to avoid problems such as untrustworthy information release and social stability. Personal privacy should be protected in accordance with the law. In addition to disciplinary public announcements and mandatory information disclosure, other government information related to personal privacy should be de-identified when it is disclosed, and the appropriate method and scope should be selected.

(15) Fully implement the initiative to disclose the basic directory system. Departments of the State Council that have completed the compilation of the active public basic catalogue should dynamically update and adjust the catalogue according to changes in their duties and tasks; those that have not yet completed must be completed and released before the end of the year; and departments of the State Council that implement vertical system-wide management must prepare them before the end of the year Complete and publish the basic catalog of the system to actively disclose. The governments of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) also need to deploy the work of actively compiling the basic catalog. The compilation of the catalogue should fully reflect the requirements of the "five openness", policy interpretation, public opinion response, and public participation.

(16) Establish and improve the information disclosure system of public enterprises and institutions. The competent departments of education, ecology and environment, culture and tourism, sanitation, housing security, social assistance and social welfare of the State Council shall formulate and improve the information disclosure systems of public enterprises and institutions in related fields before the end of the year. Local governments at or above the county level shall urge relevant departments to perform their supervisory responsibilities, strengthen classified guidance, organize the compilation of public enterprise and public entity catalogs, establish and improve specific measures for public assessment, evaluation, accountability, and supervision and inspection, and effectively promote public corporate information disclosure jobs.

All regions and departments should attach great importance to the tasks deployed in this main point, put forward specific measures in accordance with the actual situation, carefully implement them, and prevent simple documents from being implemented. Strengthen capacity building for open government affairs, and focus on business training around implementing new regulations, policy interpretations, and public opinion responses to government affairs. Strengthen supervision and inspection, and strengthen assessment and evaluation of policy interpretation, response to public opinion on government affairs, and comrades in charge of research and deployment of public affairs and participation in press conferences. The General Office of the State Council shall, in a timely manner, organize special inspections and third-party assessments of implementation, and report the results.

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