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Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Main Points of Public Affairs in 2019

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People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and agencies directly under the State Council:

The "Government Open Work in 2019" has been agreed by the State Council and is now being issued to you. Please implement it carefully and in accordance with the actual situation.

Office of the State Council

April 17, 2019

(This is publicly available)

Highlights of open government affairs in 2019

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and it is a key year for building a well-off society in an all-round way. To do a good job in making government affairs public this year, we must fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The deployment will closely focus on the work of the party and government centers and the concerns of the masses, and strive to improve the quality of government affairs disclosure, strengthen policy interpretation and public opinion responses, deepen the disclosure of information in key areas, improve the system of government affairs disclosure, and improve publicity, expectations, and supervision. Implement and provide excellent services, further improve the government's ability to govern, earnestly enhance people's satisfaction and sense of gain, and play a positive role in promoting sustainable and healthy economic development and the stability of the overall society.

I. Focus on stable expectations, strengthen policy interpretation and respond to concerns

(1) In-depth interpretation of important policy measures. Focusing on the overall requirements for economic and social development in 2019 and the main expected goals, adhere to the general tone of progress while maintaining stability, adhere to the main line of structural reforms on the supply side, and correctly grasp the macroeconomic policies such as proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy and employment priority policy. Orientation to innovate and improve macro-control, stimulate the vitality of market players, optimize the business environment, cultivate and expand new momentum, promote the formation of a strong domestic market, solidly advance poverty alleviation and rural rejuvenation, promote regional coordinated development, strengthen pollution prevention and ecological construction, Focusing on tasks such as deepening reforms in key areas, promoting all-round opening to the outside world, better guaranteeing and improving people's livelihood, comprehensive and open and accurate interpretation of relevant policies and measures, ensuring transparent policy content, clear signals, stable social expectations, and boosting market confidence. In accordance with the principle of "who drafts and interprets", the policy documents and interpretation schemes, interpretation materials are simultaneously organized, reviewed, and deployed simultaneously. The departments of the State Council should, in principle, interpret the public issues of the State Council's executive meeting through regular briefings on policies, and follow up on the content of the people, market entities and the media with high attention. When important policies are promulgated, key tasks are promoted, and major events occur, relevant departments are mainly responsible for comrades to perform their duties of information release, authoritative tuning, and conscious control, take the lead in interpreting policies, and actively guide expectations.

(2) Actively respond to social concerns. With regard to the important reform measures introduced by the government and policy documents that involve the immediate interests of the masses and are likely to attract public attention, the lead drafting department should do a good job of public opinion risk assessment and judgment, and formulate a response plan. Further strengthen the awareness of public opinion response, adhere to the government affairs public opinion response as an important part of online public opinion handling, and implement the main responsibility of government affairs public opinion response. Economic and social hotspots such as tax and fee reduction, financial security, ecological environment, poverty alleviation, education reform, food and medicine, health and health, old-age services, fair supervision, social security, social order, real estate market, as well as market subjects and people To stop the pain of starting a business, we must strengthen public opinion monitoring, judgement, and response, and promptly resolve doubts, clarify emotions, and resolve contradictions. We will strengthen the research and judgment on the source of public opinion risks of major emergencies, increase the pertinence of responses, and adhere to the correct orientation of public opinion. It is necessary to take the initiative to communicate with relevant departments such as propaganda and online information, and improve the information sharing, synergy and rapid response mechanism of major government affairs and public opinion.

(3) Enhance the effect of interpretation and response. Explore the use of concise question-and-answer policies, online questioning, and policy entry into the community, using pictures, charts, audio videos, cartoons and other popular display forms, and using objective data and vivid cases for three-dimensional and multi-dimensional interpretation, truly let the masses Can see and understand. For policies with strong professionalism, we must pay attention to giving play to the role of experts and scholars, and improve the accuracy, authority and closeness of interpretation. Concerning the concerns of the masses and social hotspots, we must take the initiative to quickly guide, release authoritative signals, respond positively to doubts, promote the resolution of practical problems, and win the understanding and support of the masses.

Strengthening power supervision and furthering decision-making and implementation

(1) Promote the disclosure of important decisions. Improving macro-policy pre-adjustment, fine-tuning transparency, promulgation and adjustment of related policies should strengthen communication with the market, establish and improve entrepreneurs' participation in the policy-making mechanism of enterprises, and actively seek advice from representative business and industry associations and bar associations. Make the policies in line with basic national conditions and objective reality, and be more grounded and popular. To further advance the pre-opening of major decision-making, major matters involving public interest and public rights, in addition to keeping confidential according to law, proactively announce the decision-making drafts, decision-making basis, etc. to society through hearings, online solicitation, consultation and consultation, and media communication. This form is widely heard.

(2) Promote the implementation of important deployments. Focusing on the government's work tasks in 2019, increase the implementation and implementation of a series of policies and measures to stabilize growth, promote reform, restructure, benefit the people, prevent risks, and maintain stability. We will further strengthen the disclosure of problems found in inspections and audits and the implementation of rectification, actively disclose accountability, and effectively enhance the implementation of implementation. During the implementation of major administrative decisions, it is necessary to track the implementation of decisions, to understand the opinions and suggestions of stakeholders and the public on the implementation of decisions, to actively evaluate the effects of decision implementation, to adjust and improve in a timely manner, and to disclose relevant situations to the public.

(3) Promote the disclosure of administrative law enforcement information. In accordance with the principle of "who enforces and publicizes", strictly implement the public notice system of administrative law enforcement, and standardize administrative law enforcement actions. Utilize a unified law enforcement information disclosure platform to centrally disclose to the society information such as administrative law enforcement duties, law enforcement grounds, law enforcement procedures, supervision channels, and law enforcement results. Explore the establishment of an interactive mechanism for feedback from the public and a management and maintenance mechanism for the disclosure of law enforcement information, and strengthen social supervision of administrative law enforcement.

Focus on policy implementation and deepen information disclosure in key areas

(1) Strengthen the disclosure of information on the three major offensives. Focusing on continuing to innovate and improve macro-control, focusing on alleviating the problem of difficult financing for enterprises, accelerating the financial reform and opening up, and properly handling the risk of local government debt, the Bank strengthened its bottom-line thinking and disclosed relevant information in a timely and legal manner. Focusing on solving the outstanding problems faced by "two cares and three guarantees", poverty alleviation in deep poverty areas and special poverty groups, and follow-up support measures for ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation, the focus will be on relevant policies and measures, poverty alleviation projects, financial special poverty alleviation funds, precision Poverty alleviation loans, financial funds related to poverty alleviation in the industry, financial assistance funds for poverty alleviation collaboration between the East and the West, etc. We will continue to improve the disclosure of ecological and environmental information by continuing to tackle air pollution, speed up the treatment of black and odorous water bodies, prevent and control agricultural non-point source pollution, promote comprehensive management of key river basins and coastal waters, and strengthen the solid waste and urban waste classification and disposal.

(2) Deepen the disclosure of information on the reform of “decentralization of service”. Focusing on the new tasks and measures of the "decentralization of service" reform, we will work hard to implement larger-scale tax and fee reductions, "separation of licenses and licenses", reform of the construction and construction project approval system, reduce the time for business establishment, optimize the business cancellation process, and Reduction of administrative licenses, dynamic adjustment of negative lists of market access, clean-up and standardization of various types of grass-roots companies involved in charging fees, and in-depth promotion of public entrepreneurship and innovation, helping to create a business environment that is ruled by law, international, and convenient . Accelerate the establishment and improvement of a new type of supervision mechanism based on "double random, one open" supervision as the basic means, supplemented by key supervision, and based on credit supervision. The inspection and disposal results will be passed through the national enterprise credit information disclosure system and the "Credit China" website. public. Promote integrated and one-stop publicity of market services and individual "full life cycle" services. We will step up efforts to clean up and reduce all kinds of certification matters, and implement inventory management for those certification matters that need to be kept and make them public.

(3) Strengthen information disclosure in key areas of people's livelihood. Adhere to the people-centered development ideology, make effective efforts to ensure basic people's livelihood and promote the solution of key people's livelihood issues, and highlight information disclosure in the fields of employment, education, medical care, pensions, land acquisition, and public culture. Promptly disclose policies and measures to promote employment and entrepreneurship, employment supply and demand information, and do a good job in opening employment special activities for college graduates, retired soldiers, laid-off workers, migrant workers and other key groups, and vocational college examination enrollment information, and scholarship policy . Local governments at and above the county level must disclose information on compulsory education enrollment programs, enrollment scope, enrollment procedures, enrollment conditions, school conditions, admission results, and consultation methods in a variety of ways in a timely manner, and expand information on preschool education supply through multiple channels to promote development. Fairer and better education. Focusing on ensuring the health of the people, we will increase information disclosure in medical services, drug safety, medical insurance supervision, vaccine supervision, and performance evaluation results of public medical and health institutions. Further promote the active disclosure of land acquisition information, accelerate the progress of historical land acquisition information supplementary records, optimize the function of the national land acquisition information sharing platform, and enhance the accuracy and convenience of information inquiry. Carry out research and evaluation carefully, differentiate and do a good job of information disclosure in various areas of people's livelihood.

(4) Refinement of financial information disclosure. Increase the number of public projects of central departments, and fully disclose the project approval basis, implementation body, budget arrangements, performance goals, performance self-evaluation results, and performance evaluation reports. Promote local government departments at all levels to accelerate the progress of project text and performance target disclosure, and ensure that all projects are open to the public. Promote the construction of a unified national government debt information disclosure platform throughout the country, and local governments regularly disclose their debt limits, balances, debt ratios, debt service rates, economic and financial conditions, bond issuance, and duration management information.

Optimizing service functions and strengthening the construction of open platforms

(I) Promote the development of high-quality and standardized government websites. Strictly implement the network ideological responsibility system, strengthen the government website content construction and information release review, and make good political, policy, and text checks. Accelerate the intensification of government websites and continue to improve the government's ability to perform duties and services on the Internet. The pilot areas should fully complete the pilot task of intensification of government websites by the end of the year. With China Government Network as the main portal, speed up the interconnection between government websites in all regions and departments and China Government Network. We will steadily do well in the construction, integration, revision, and relocation of government websites after institutional reform. Quickly complete the centralized cleaning of government website domain names, and deploy the IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) transformation of prefecture-level city government portals as soon as possible.

(2) Promote the healthy and orderly development of new government affairs media. Streamline the administrative mechanism for new media in government affairs, establish and improve relevant working systems, and do a good job in establishing integration, content protection, security protection, supervision and management. Promote the construction of a comprehensive and fast-responding government new media matrix system, coordinate the coordinated and integrated development of new government affairs media and government websites, strengthen the communication and coordination between county-level new government affairs media and local media centers, and improve information release and interpretation Response, government-civilian interaction, and overall service level.

(3) Promote the innovation and development of government bulletins. Run the electronic version of the government bulletin, and realize the simultaneous release of the electronic version and the paper version, and gradually implement the mobile terminal display of the government bulletin. Establish an online database of government bulletins, accelerate the management of historical bulletins, and open them to society in an orderly manner. Further improve and strengthen the working mechanism for the department of the State Council to submit departmental regulations and regulatory documents to the editorial department of the State Council. Establish and improve the reporting system for the regulatory documents of local government departments to the editing department of the government gazette, and the government gazette will publish the government regulations and regulatory documents at the same level as well as the regulatory documents of their departments.

(4) Accelerate the online and offline integration and development of the office lobby. In accordance with the changes in responsibilities after the institutional reform, timely review and compile and publicize the examination and approval service items, work guides, and work procedures in the office hall. Further integrate and optimize the "one-stop" function of the physical office lobby, and accelerate the implementation of "one window" and "one-time processing". Promote more service issues “One Netcom Office” and actively open the entrance of government services to county-level financial media centers, so that businesses and the masses can do things more clearly and conveniently. The government hotline is further cleaned up and integrated. Departments of the State Council should actively support the integration of local government hotline, promote the interoperability of the government hotline and the government website interactive communication system, and share and share the policy consultation question and answer knowledge base. In addition to the reserved administrative hotlines, other administrative hotlines have realized "No. 1 external", which effectively solves the problems of too many phone numbers, unreachable calls, and no response.

V. Improving the quality of work and improving the disclosure system

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership. All regions and departments should attach great importance to the work of making government affairs public, further rationalize and improve the leadership system and working mechanism, and the leading groups of government affairs at all levels should effectively perform their duties, regularly listen to the situation report, and study and solve major problems. Local governments at or above the county level must strictly implement the requirement that government affairs be made publicly included in the government's performance appraisal system with a score weight of not less than 4%. In accordance with the new tasks, new requirements, and new responsibilities of government affairs, we will strengthen the establishment of government affairs disclosure institutions, full-time staffing, and funding guarantees.

(2) Do a good job in implementing the government information disclosure regulations. After the implementation of the newly amended government information disclosure regulations, it is necessary to strengthen the training of government personnel so that they can accurately understand and master relevant regulations, and effectively enhance public awareness and ability. To increase the disclosure of government information, we must not only improve the number of disclosures, but also optimize the quality of disclosures; we must further do the work of disclosure in accordance with applications to ensure that the public exercises the right to information, participation, expression, and supervision in accordance with the law. right. Revision and improvement of related supporting measures in time to ensure orderly connection and smooth transition. Relevant departments of the State Council should establish and improve the information disclosure system of public enterprises and institutions in their own industries and systems, and strengthen guidance and supervision. Strengthen the publicity and interpretation of the new regulations, organize various forms of law popularization activities, guide the orderly participation of the public, and create a good atmosphere for the implementation of the regulations.

(3) Promote the pilot results of open government affairs. Relevant departments of the State Council should combine the experience and practices of grass-roots pilots and work hard to formulate guidelines for open government affairs in relevant key areas. Develop guidance documents for promoting the standardization and standardization of open government affairs at the grassroots level, and establish a standardization mechanism for the disclosure of key government information. All localities should base themselves on the actual situation at the grassroots level, actively explore and innovate, and have more experiences that can be replicated and promoted, so as to comprehensively improve the level of grassroots government affairs disclosure.

(4) Strengthen related basic work. Strengthen the use of information technology, and do a good job of government information management and other basic tasks. Government departments at all levels involved in the reform of the organization shall, on the premise of meeting the requirements of confidentiality, publicly disclose information such as the "three determinations" of their own institutions in accordance with the law, and timely formulate and update the active disclosure of the basic directory. Establish public ledger of administrative regulations and normative documents to ensure that the base of public government information is clear, and do a good job of connecting with the official document management system and the legality review management information platform. Further improve the quality of the annual report on government information disclosure. The electronic publication of "Public Government Affairs Open Work Exchange" will be carried out well, and the exchange of experience and practices will be strengthened.

The main situation of the implementation of this key point in all regions and departments shall be included in the annual report on government information disclosure and disclosed to the public.

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