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Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Ningde City on Establishing the Joint Meeting System of Ningde City to Promote Open Government Affairs

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Ningzheng Office 〔2018〕 No. 143

County (city, district) people's governments, Dongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, municipal government departments, and agencies directly under:

In order to implement the spirit of the "Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Openness of Government Affairs" of the State Council and the State Council, and the "Opinions on the Implementation of Comprehensively Promoting the Openness of Government Affairs" of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government Office, strengthen the organization and leadership of the openness of government affairs and decide to establish Ningde City promotes the system of joint meetings for public affairs (hereinafter referred to as joint meetings). The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Main responsibilities

(1) Joint meeting. Guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the decision-making and deployment of the central government, the State Council, the provinces, and the municipalities regarding open government affairs, and coordinate, advance, guide, coordinate, and supervise the entire open government affairs work; Formulate the system, important policies and measures and work plans for the public affairs of the whole municipality; study the major issues and problems of the public affairs of the whole municipality; deploy the key tasks of public affairs; Work progress; handle other matters assigned by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

(2) Joint meeting office. The joint conference office is located in the municipal government office. It undertakes the daily work of the joint conference, collects the proposed conference topics and submits them to the conference convener for review and approval. It is responsible for preparing the joint conference, convening the liaison meetings of member units, drafting and issuing meeting minutes, and handling other matters assigned by the joint conference. . The joint meeting office does not engraved the seal, and the municipal government office will do it for work needs.


Convener: Zeng Zhiyong Municipal Committee Member, Executive Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government

Deputy Convenor: Secretary General of Guo Zhuan City Government

Members: You Wenqing City Government Office investigator

Director, Huanghua City

Zhang Xiong City Development and Reform Commission

Xu Guangzhong Director of Economic and Information Commission

Li Huichang Director of Health and Family Planning Commission

Zhao Rongsheng Director of Education Bureau

Chen Maorong Director of Science and Technology Bureau

Guan Feng Deputy Director of Public Security Bureau

Zhou Xiangqi Director of Civil Affairs Bureau

Xue Lichao City Bureau of Justice

Gao Yipeng City Bureau of Finance

Chen Xingshi Director of Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau

Director of Lin Qinling City Land Bureau

Luo Zhanglin Director of Environmental Protection Bureau

Director of Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Director of Linqing Municipal Transportation Bureau

Director of Yudaoxiong Agriculture Bureau

Lu Qiu Director of Forestry Bureau

Zheng Huafeng Director of Water Resources Bureau

Director of Lei Dalian Marine Fishery Bureau

Chen Ningsheng Director of Commerce Bureau

Zhong Naian Director of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication Bureau

Huang Yingqian Director of Audit Bureau

Xiao Huiming Director of SASAC

Director of Linjiang Sports Bureau

Zhangliang City Bureau of Local Taxation

Director of Liu Zongting City Bureau of Industry and Commerce

Huang Yuanhang Director of Quality Supervision Bureau

Chen Jingming Director of the Safety Supervision Bureau

Huang Kangbin, Director of Food and Drug Administration

Director of Pengchong City Planning Bureau

Huang Qishan Director, Municipal Government Information Office

Wu Yuanxiang Vice President of the City Court

Liu Shaohui Director of Price Bureau

Lin Wenteng Director of Digital Office

The members of a joint meeting are automatically changed as their positions change. No further documents will be issued, and the unit will report to the joint meeting office for the record. The joint meeting has a liaison officer, who is responsible for the daily work of the joint meeting office by the responsible comrades of the public affairs organization of the member unit.

Working Rules

(1) The joint meeting shall be convened by the convener or the deputy convener entrusted by the convener. It shall be held regularly or irregularly according to the needs of the work. In principle, one or two regular meetings are held every year. Other relevant departments may be invited to participate according to the needs of the work.

(2) The time, issues and related matters of the joint meeting shall be put forward by the joint meeting office, and submitted to the meeting for review after being reviewed by the convener. The joint meeting office may convene a meeting of liaison members of members to study and discuss the issues of the joint meeting, the matters that need to be submitted to the joint meeting and other related matters, coordinate and coordinate the related preparatory work of the joint meeting, and arrange the work tasks agreed upon by the delegated meeting.

(3) The joint meeting clearly discussed the matters in the form of meeting minutes, and issued them to all member units and relevant parties for implementation.

Work requirements

Each member unit shall actively study major issues and related policies and measures to comprehensively promote open government affairs in accordance with the division of responsibilities, and actively put forward work suggestions; participate in joint meetings and liaison meetings as required, submit relevant meeting materials, and seriously implement the decisions determined by the joint meeting. Work tasks; exchange information, cooperate closely, give full play to the role of all relevant units, and form a joint effort. The joint meeting office shall strengthen the follow-up and supervision of the matters agreed at the joint meeting, and timely report the relevant situation to each member unit.

Office of the People's Government of Ningde City

July 3, 2018

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