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Guide to Government Information Disclosure of Ningde Municipal People's Government

(June 5, 2019)


In order to ensure that citizens, legal persons and other organizations obtain government information in accordance with the law, improve the transparency of government work, build a government ruled by law, and give full play to the role of government information in serving the people's production, life and economic and social activities, "(Hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations ") and the" Fujian Provincial Government Information Disclosure Measures ", compiling this guide.

I. Active disclosure

(I) Public Scope

Government information that should be proactively disclosed in accordance with the Regulations.

链接 )。 Please click here for the specific directory .

(B) open channels

1. "Ningde Municipal People's Government" portal http: //

2. Bulletin of the People's Government of Ningde City Reading address online:

3. Press conference of the People's Government of Ningde City

   4. Radio, television, newspapers and other forms

At the same time, this institution has set up government information inspection sites in the archives and libraries of Ningde City to facilitate the acquisition of government information.

Address of Ningde City Archives: No. 14 Ningde Road

Phone: 0593-2872809

Ningde Library Address: No. 1 Huating Road, Dongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningde City

Phone: 0593-2525567

    2. Disclosure upon application

In addition to proactive government information, citizens, legal persons, and other organizations can also apply to obtain relevant government information.

   (1) Application acceptance agency

Government Information Disclosure Section, Ningde Municipal People's Government Office

Consulting Tel: 0593-2076339 (仅供答复使用) Email : (For reply use only)

Mailing address: Office of the People's Government of Ningde City, No. 35 East Mindong Road, Dongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone , Ningde City

Postal code: 352100

Consultation time: Working hours from Monday to Friday, except for statutory holidays.

   (2) Requirements for application content

The government information disclosure application submitted by the applicant shall include the following:

   1. The applicant's name or name, proof of identity, and contact information;

   2. The name, document number or other characteristic description of the government information applied for disclosure;

   3. Formal requirements of government information for application disclosure, including methods and channels for obtaining information.

Applicants who engage in activities such as letters, visits, complaints, and reports in the form of government information disclosure applications are not treated as government information disclosure applications. Please submit them through corresponding channels.

   (3) Application channels

Applicants can submit applications in the following ways, and this agency will process them within the time limit specified in the Regulations.

   1. Submit in person

Applicants can go to the accepting agency to apply for information disclosure to the staff in person and fill out the "application form". If it is indeed difficult to fill in the "Application Form", it can be filled in by the accepting agency after the application is submitted.

   2. Submit by mail

下载链接 ),填写后附身份证明邮寄,收件人请填写 “宁德市人民政府办公室政府信息公开科”,并在信封左下角注明“政府信息公开申请”。 The applicant can download the "Ningde Municipal People's Government Information Disclosure Application Form" (hereinafter referred to as the "Application Form", download link ), fill it in with an identification certificate and mail it, and the recipient please fill in "Ningde Municipal People's Government Office Government Information Disclosure Section", In the lower left corner of the envelope, "Government Information Disclosure Application."

   3. Submit online

点此提交 ),受理机构将向申请人提供的电子邮箱发送确认电子邮件,以确认之日为收到申请之日。 Applicants can log in to the "Ningde Municipal People's Government" portal and directly fill in and submit the "Application Form" ( click here to submit ). The accepting agency will send a confirmation email to the email address provided by the applicant. day.

   3. Supervision methods and procedures

Citizens, legal persons, or other organizations that believe that their organs infringe their legitimate rights and interests in government information disclosure work may apply for administrative reconsideration or file an administrative lawsuit in accordance with the law.