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Fu'an Quality Metrology and Testing Institute provides enterprises with high-quality metrology and testing services for free

Source: Ningde Market Supervision Bureau Release time: December 27, 2019 08:34 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

A few days ago, Qingtuo Group sent someone to Fuan City Quality Measurement and Testing Institute to send the banner of "measurement guard, service enterprise", thank you! The accuracy of measuring instruments used by enterprises is directly related to quality control, production safety, energy saving and consumption reduction, and always plays the role of "industrial eye". In order to solve the problem of difficulty in measuring the pressure gauges of key enterprises in our city in a timely manner, Fuan City Quality Measurement and Testing Institute combined with the theme education of “not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission”. 2. Optimize the testing process and provide scientific, fair, accurate and efficient measurement testing services for enterprises. In 2019, 2,300 pressure gauges (pieces) were freely tested by 9 companies affiliated to Qingtuo Group, which saved enterprises nearly 100,000 yuan in the cost of strong inspection and measurement.

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