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Our city needs more than 23,000 citizens to participate in blood donation every year

Source: Mindong Daily Published: December 27, 2019 09:45 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

In order to ensure the need for clinical emergency and emergency public blood use and blood quality and safety of medical institutions in our city, the municipal government office recently issued a notice on matters related to the work of unpaid blood donation in 2020, requiring each county (city, district) The people's government must strengthen the organization and leadership of unpaid blood donation work within its administrative region, implement the system of joint meetings for unpaid blood donation, and establish an incentive mechanism for unpaid blood donation.

It is reported that 100% of clinical blood used in medical institutions in the city comes from unpaid blood donation. The amount of free blood donation from each county (city, district) should meet the clinical blood needs of all medical institutions in the area. The rate of unpaid blood donation in a civilized city must reach more than 10 ‰ of the total population. Our city needs to complete an unpaid blood donation volume of 30,000 times a year, and more than 23,000 citizens need to participate in the unpaid blood donation.

In 2020, the countless blood donation arrangements for counties (cities, districts) are: 4,500 people from the city, Jiaocheng, and Dongqiao, 3,340 people from Gutian, 1,420 people from Pingnan, 1,230 people from Zhouning, 1,820 people from Shouning, 5,770 people from Fuan, and 920 people from Yongrong There were 5,420 Fuding trips and 4,680 Xiapu trips.

Blood donation vehicles are parked on the streets on the first and third weeks of each month from Friday to Sunday next to the sentry box on Fuding South Road; from the second week of each month to the Fuan Lianchi Square; on the second week of each month from Friday to Sunday Gutian Cultural Square; the fourth week of every Friday to Sunday Xiapu Cultural Plaza; the third week of each month Friday to Sunday Ningde Wanda Plaza; the fourth week of each month Friday to Sunday Pingnan Street Center Park; Shouning, Zhouning The time for blood donation on Zongrong Street will be announced separately. Fu'an, Xiapu, and Fuding have blood donation houses that can receive blood donations on weekdays. (Reporter Chen Wei)

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