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The 5th University Graduates' Innovation and Achievements Exhibition Held in Our City

Source: Mindong Daily Published: December 30, 2019 09:32 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

On the morning of December 27th, the 5th Ningde University Graduates' Innovation and Innovation Achievement Exhibition with the theme of “Let's Dream Ahead and Create the Future” opened at the City Convention and Exhibition Center. Deputy Mayor Miao Shaowei attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

This achievement exhibition is jointly organized by the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, and the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee, and is divided into two aspects: picture and image display and entrepreneurial forum. The photo and video exhibition mainly set up 4 theme picture exhibition halls, 2 city-level picture exhibition halls, and 10 county-level picture exhibition halls, introducing and reviewing the city's recent double-creation situation and achievements. The Entrepreneurship Forum specially invites entrepreneurial mentors and outstanding entrepreneurs to conduct lectures and exchanges, share entrepreneurial experiences, solve bottlenecks in the process of entrepreneurship, and improve the practical ability of entrepreneurs. It is understood that in recent years, our city has developed a fertile soil for innovation and entrepreneurship, and has taken the lead in tailoring a series of “real money” policies and measures for college graduates in the province, focusing on solving the difficulties in financing for college graduates. Difficulties in technology promotion, difficulty in transferring land, and difficulty in recruiting workers. As of now, the city has a total of 1880 graduates of entrepreneurial colleges and universities, 1,720 entrepreneurial projects, and 11,600 employees, involving more than 20 industries such as e-commerce, cultural entrepreneurship, tourism development, and animation production. In 2019, the city's 27 university graduate entrepreneurship projects have received provincial project funding, and the number of awards has ranked first in the province's districts and cities for four consecutive years.

At the opening ceremony, the city also awarded awards to entrepreneurial projects of university graduates that were funded by the province and the city. (Reporter Guo Xiaohong)

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