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Our city does a good job of talent introduction, education, use and retention

Strive to basically establish a talent team that meets the needs of rural revitalization by 2022
Source: Mindong Daily Published: December 30, 2019 09:35 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

On December 27, the city held a news briefing on attracting talents. The reporter learned from the meeting that this year, the city's regulations on enterprise talent information management system, "information system + service window" one-stop talent service, "introduction of talents" campus recruitment, college graduate entrepreneurship project 4 work in the whole The province is the first to carry out or take the lead in the province.

Talent is the first resource. Since the beginning of this year, our city has actively adapted to the needs of talent development, strengthened the construction of talent informatization, and carried out the construction of the talent service system in Ningde. Set up "information system + service window" one-stop talent service, improve the information management system for talent status statistics survey in Ningde City, Ningde city enterprise talent information management system, etc., to achieve service gateway forward, talent information sharing and service collection.

According to reports, our city has established an "Internet + talent" online and offline service mechanism. Through the establishment of the "Ningde Smart Talent Service Platform" online carrier and an offline talent service network of a first-level center and several second-level centers, talents are realized. Information sharing and service collection, providing "one-stop, nanny" services for various talents. By 2020, a talent service system with clear functions, sound institutions, horizontal connections, and up-and-down connections will be built to achieve standardized, scientific, refined and personalized services for all types of talents in the city, and meet the diverse needs of talents of different types and levels. .

In strengthening the building of talents and serving the city's economic development. Our city adheres to the talent-led economic development, builds platforms and creates conditions for various talent officers to start businesses, and focuses on professional and technical talents, high-skilled talents, and college graduate training. Including the need to develop key industries in our city, we will speed up the training of high-quality and skilled technical personnel. Continue to promote the construction of skilled master studios, give full play to the important role of famous teachers and apprentices, promote the excavation, inheritance and innovation of traditional crafts, speed up the cultivation of high-skilled talents that meet the needs of enterprises, and form a reasonable team of skilled talents.

Up to now, Ningde Technician College and 22 companies including Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. have reached a school-enterprise cooperation joint school running agreement, organized professional classes for automobile manufacturing and assembly, automotive sheet metal and painting, and cultivated new energy vehicles and other industries. Skilled people. There are 3 national skill master studios in the city, 35 provincial skill master studios, and 31 municipal skill master studios.

Our city also implements college graduate entrepreneurship leading actions. Through the implementation of provincial and municipal entrepreneurship project selection activities, organizing entrepreneurship training, and issuing various subsidies and other measures to support college graduates in entrepreneurship. Organize project review for graduate entrepreneurship projects within 5 years of graduation, and grant 30,000 to 100,000 yuan in funding for the awarded projects; build an entrepreneurship platform, and determine 9 entrepreneurial incubation bases such as the Jiaocheng University College Student Pioneer Park as Ningde City-level entrepreneurship The incubation demonstration base has invested a total of 2.8 million yuan.

In addition, since this year, the city has also provided various subsidies of 9.32 million yuan for graduates of self-employed colleges and universities. Carried out entrepreneurship training, expert counseling and other activities 7 times, and the number of coaching was 145. 71 job fairs of various types were held, and there were 3,094 participating companies, providing 143,500 positions, and initially reaching more than 8,500 employment intentions.

In strengthening the introduction of talents and promoting the promotion of rural talents. Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has approved the city's public institutions to publicly recruit 677 urgently needed talent programs, and has recruited 203 people. At the same time, increase overseas talent introduction and intelligence, the city was selected into the national plan to introduce overseas technology projects, the provincial "high-end foreign expert team introduction plan", the provincial "servicing key poverty alleviation counties, the revolutionary old district Soviet area development and the Fujian-Taiwan cooperation intelligence introduction special plan" Wait for 4 items.

Not only that, the city also organized 16 key enterprises such as Ningde New Energy and 46 institutions such as education and health to enter Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities. The theme of "Career and Talent" campus recruitment activities. Through cooperation with universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, People's Congress and Xiamen University, it reached a total of 211 cooperation intentions, introduced more than 100 new technologies and new achievements, and trained more than 200 people.

Focusing on the road of rural rejuvenation with the characteristics of eastern Fujian, the city has formulated the "Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Promotion of Rural Talents". By implementing the rural talent gathering project, the rural talent quality improvement project, the talent precision service project, and the rural talents Four major projects, including environmental optimization projects, do a good job of “introducing, educating, using, and retaining” talents, and strive to serve more than 10,000 talents for rural revitalization by 2022, and basically establish a talent team that can meet the needs of rural revitalization. (Reporter Miao Xing)

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