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The five most beautiful families in our city revealed

Source: Mindong Daily Published: December 30, 2019 10:06 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

Recently, the Municipal Women's Federation and the Municipal Party Committee's Civilization Office issued a notice, deciding to name 39 families such as Zheng Nenzhen and Miao Tingzhong families as the top five families in Ningde. At the same time, 10 families including Lei Shaojiu and Chen Yuxin were announced as the top ten in Ningde in 2019. The 61 most beautiful families including Jia Meimei Family, Wei Meixi and Qian Chengye Family were the 6th most beautiful families in Ningde.

It is understood that, in order to further stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of the majority of women and families to find the most beautiful family activities, and to promote the rooting of socialist core values in the family, the Municipal Women's Federation and the Municipal Committee of Civilization of the City have launched a comprehensive Ningde city The 6th most beautiful family search activity, Ningde City's five good family creation activities. Through organizational recommendations and family self-recommendations, a number of outstanding performances have emerged in the areas of harmony between husband and wife, filial piety, loving parents, enthusiastic children, enthusiasm for the common good, and mutual help, especially family feelings, green environmental protection, cleanliness, integrity, and ethics. The deeds are moving and typical of the advanced family.

The City Women's Federation and the Civilization Office of the Municipal Party Committee hope that the majority of families in the city will use the most beautiful families and five good families as examples, build a good family, foster a good family education, cultivate a good family style, and build a harmonious society with the harmony of small families. (Lin Ling)

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