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Ningde "accelerated running" towards "trillion industrial era"

Mechanism innovation promotes high-quality development
Source: Mindong Daily Published: December 26, 2019 09:33 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

In the middle of the winter season, walking through the land of eastern Fujian, high-quality development, still fighting.

On the shore of Dongqiao Chijian Lake, the main building of the third phase of the new energy technology Huxi Industrial Park Digital Project was basically completed, the first green smart factory of new energy came out, and the lithium power new energy industry was "expanded".

The production of SAIC Ningde base in Jiaocheng Sanyu Park is on track, 30 supporting companies have been put into production successively, and the output value of production capacity has been steadily increased. The “Ningde Automobile City” is thriving;

On the banks of the Baima River in Fu'an, giant ships berthed and locomotives shuttled. The stainless steel new material industry cluster led by Fujian Qingtuo Group took another 100 billion ahead, and the momentum was astonishing ...

In just a few years, the lonely places in the past have become a hot land for development. One after another, the "golden dolls" have grown vigorously, with a production value of tens of billions and billions. Behind this is a series of mechanism innovations in our city, from investment attraction to project construction to service industry, which have inspired thousands of development vigor.

In the past, the economic and social development of eastern Fujian was lagging behind. It was once called the "golden fault zone" on the southeast coast of China. One of the important reasons is the lack of high-quality and strong industrial support. Difficulties are conspiracy. In recent years, our city has kept in mind the enthusiasm of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "Go on more big projects, hold more" golden dolls ", and speed up development by leaps and bounds." Emancipate the mind, change ideas, and lead regional development with new ideas.

The continuous innovation of the investment promotion mechanism is one of them. It is understood that in the past, the city's investment promotion work was generally lacking in planning. There was no investment map or industry map navigation. Whatever it came up with, it often attracted “low and small”, which did not form a cluster effect and core competitiveness. In recent years, the city has taken investment promotion as a "lifeline project" to promote development, and actively adapted to the industry development trend, changing "bumping business" into "precise investment", and attracting investment in three directions-following the "leading", Leading along the chain and staring at the clusters, insisting on the formulation and implementation of the 100 billion investment plan every year, fully implementing the model of business investment, industrial chain investment, "leading investment", grafting investment at a high level, and a large number of "golden dolls" in subdivided fields The project has landed in eastern Fujian one after another, and promoted the four leading industries to form a good situation of "expanding the area with dotted lines and accelerating the development of agglomeration." For example, give full play to the leading role of the Ningde era, strengthen the joint investment of government and enterprises, and promote the SAIC Ningde passenger car base to land in Mindong; rely on Qingtuo Group to introduce the Qingmei New Energy Material Industrial Park project and accelerate the creation of the world's leading new lithium battery Energy Materials Industrial Park.

Relying on the high growth of leading enterprises, our city has also vigorously implemented the "strong chain, supplementary chain, extended chain" project, focusing on the introduction of a number of key component companies and "specialized and special new" enterprises to promote the fission expansion of the industrial chain, reaching The effect of "one leader creates one industrial cluster". For example, around the lithium battery new energy industry, up to now the city has successively introduced 38 industrial chain projects including Shanshan Negative Electrode, Zhuogao Isolation Film, Xiamen Tungsten Positive Electrode Material, and Cathay Electrolyte, covering four key materials, automation equipment and important supporting materials, so that 80% of the procurement of the two leading companies can be realized nearby.

At the same time, the city has also changed the situation in the past that counties (cities and districts) lacked linkage and interaction and “single fight alone”, and rationalized the functional positioning of the city, county, and department at three levels: the city level and overall planning To formulate an industrial development plan, adjust the city's industrial layout, promote the expansion of the four leading industrial chain projects to other counties (cities) in the city, and realize the "small and specialized clusters" to support the four "large and strong clusters", and basically build An industrial pattern of reasonable misplaced development and differentiated development has been initiated; linkages have been seized at the county level, with the exploration of innovative mountain and sea joint investment mechanisms as a breakthrough, vigorously promoting the "enclave" policy, accelerating the "land-cage-for-bird" reform of industrial land, and guiding Leading industries such as Jiaocheng, Fu'an, Dongqiao, etc., carry out industrial assistance actions with mountain counties, promote a number of high-quality projects to extend to related mountain counties, and promote the coordinated development of mountain and sea linkages; functional departments focus on services to help counties and enterprises Strengthen the strategic connection with leading enterprises, strive for market, technology and other support to further enhance the regional industry's competitive advantage and investment Capital attraction.

The project must be introduced, and it must be retained and developed well. The innovation of service mechanism, changing "passive action" to "active service", has planted fertile soil for the growth of "golden dolls". In the project promotion, all four teams in the city were dispatched, and the functional departments followed up in a timely manner, and comprehensively implemented the first-line follow-up inspections of cadres, squatting surveys, and fault tolerance and correction. Work well every day "spirit to fully promote the project construction. Especially for the key projects of the four leading industries, our city has set up special headquarters to provide full-service "nanny-style" services. At the same time, with the development and implementation of a three-year action plan to create a domestic first-class business environment as the starting point, continue to deepen the "decentralization of service" reforms, implement the "Sanduao Talent Plan", implement a package of talents, children, and tickets, and accelerate Make up for shortcomings such as high-end education and high-end medical care, help enterprises attract talents, continue to pass "Ningde temperature", and promote the creation of "Ningde speed". It took only 17 months for the China Copper project to go from construction to production; the SAIC Ningde base project was completed and put into operation in 17 months under the climatic conditions where rainy days accounted for nearly 60% of the total days, setting the fastest pace for similar projects in China ...

The mechanism actively promotes the excellent production industry and promotes new development with high quality. At present, the city has cultivated the formation of four leading industrial clusters, such as lithium battery new energy, new energy vehicles, stainless steel new materials and copper materials, and has built Ningde's "four beams and eight pillars" for high-quality development. Statistics show that in the first 11 months of this year, the four leading industry clusters made concerted efforts to achieve an increase in value added of 39.8%, driving the city's growth by 19.2 percentage points, and contributing 130.4% to the city's growth; 6 of the 8 major economic indicators The growth rate is at the forefront of the province. Among them, the value-added of industries above designated size, total general public budget revenue, local general public budget revenue, and total export value have maintained the first place in the province. With the rapid expansion of existing projects, the continuous introduction of new projects, and the birth of new industrial clusters, Ningde's industrial economy has gradually formed a "three 300 billion" rolling continuation trend and is accelerating towards the "trillion-industrial era" ". (Reporter Wang Zhiling Text / Photo)

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