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Zherong: Five projects started in the fourth quarter

Source: Mindong Daily Published: December 30, 2019 09:27 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

On December 27, the fourth quarter of Zongrong County's centralized project completion and completion ceremony was held in Zongrong Economic Development Zone's Biomedical Recycling Industrial Park. The total investment of the five completed projects was about 340 million yuan, marking the development of Zongrong pharmaceutical industry to scale. The development of industrialization and agglomeration has injected vitality into the development of the three leading industries of Zherong Biomedicine, steel casting, and stainless steel deep processing.

The completed project is the Xingye Road project of the Biomedical Recycling Industrial Park with a total investment of 65 million yuan. Currently, road greening, street lights and other sweeping work are being carried out. The projects that are under construction are the biomedical standard plant project and the biomedical recycling industrial park. A total of about 276 million yuan is invested in the second-stage project of Road II, the Sheshanyang second-stage knife-shear standard plant project, and the urban-rural water supply integration project.

Zherong County Biomedical Recycling Industrial Park, as a concentration area of Zherong pharmaceutical enterprises, is an important business card for the “Med East Medicine City”, and an important part of Zherong's “one district, three parks”. The park project started construction in 2004, with a planned area of 4,100 acres. It is mainly based on the introduction of pharmaceutical companies. It has gathered 20 pharmaceutical companies and related companies led by Guangshengtang, Lijiexun, and Betty. The drug production line reaches 32. Products cover six major fields including chemical medicine and modern Chinese medicine, forming a relatively complete industrial chain. (Zheng Tingting and Lin Lin)

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