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In Zhongrong's House: Developing the Economy Under the Forest to Boost Rural Rejuvenation

Source: Mindong Daily Published: December 30, 2019 09:42 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

"Now fertilizing Agrocybe aegerita, we need to dig the fertilization ditch, spread it evenly, and cover the topsoil ..." In the past few days, at the edible fungus plantation base in Pingkeng Village, Zhaizhong Township, Zherong County, the technicians instructed the mushroom farmers to give Fermentation of Alder Mushroom.

Since the beginning of this year, combining the characteristics of natural ecology with local ecological conditions, rational development according to local conditions, and the transformation of ecological resource advantages into economic advantages, the "under-forest edible fungus industry" with Pingkeng Village as a pilot has been selected as the poverty alleviation industry to increase village collective income. Based on the development model of "orders + cooperatives + bases + farmers + precision poverty alleviation households", Fujian Xingfengyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has been introduced to plant edible fungi under the forest, and now it has planted tea tree mushrooms, long root mushrooms, bamboo shrews, shiitake mushrooms, etc. 400 More acres. In the next step, the township will also take advantage of its resources to promote the cultivation of edible fungi under the forest in the whole township, and actively explore the mode of low-income and difficult households to participate in the edible fungi planting model, which will increase farmers' income and help the village to rejuvenate. (Lin Lin)

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