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Fu'an Saiqi Lionhead Village: Party building leads to boost rural revitalization

Source: Mindong Daily Published: December 30, 2019 09:43 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

Entering the Lion Head Village of Saiqi in Fu'an in winter, the village looks clean and tidy, and the industry in the village is thriving. Once a poor village with insufficient resources, frequent natural disasters and backward infrastructure, it has now become a "star village" by the Sai River. To explore its development path, party building leadership is the core motivation.

Shizitou Village lacks resources but has convenient transportation. It is close to National Road 104 and 3 kilometers from Saiqi Township. The poor thinks about change. In order to change the situation of poverty and backwardness in Shizitou Village, the two committees of the village took advantage of transportation to lead the establishment of food companies such as Hengli and Rensheng. The transformation from the first property to the second and third properties has broken the bottleneck of lack of resources and led the villagers to a path of getting rich.

"By driving 11 other party members and 40% of the village's households to invest in or set up businesses, it is quite common for villagers to invest in shares and start their own businesses," said Chen Yi, secretary of the Party Branch of Shizitou Village. Nowadays, the village's economic appearance has undergone great changes. There are 10 large and small private enterprises distributed in the village, and the income from labor has become the main income of the villagers. In 2019, the industrial output value of Shizitou Village reached nearly 500 million yuan, and the per capita net income of the villagers exceeded 20,000 yuan, ranking the forefront of Fuan City.

Where does the leading role of party member pioneers come from? Lionhead Village captures the power of the heart from the red culture. Shizitou Village is a famous village in the old revolutionary base of eastern Fujian. Ye Fei, Zeng Zhi and other revolutionary ancestors led the armed struggle here and have a glorious revolutionary history. In recent years, in order to further promote the red culture of the base village in the old district, the two committees of Shizitou Village have established a cultural theme park, which focuses on the deeds of historical figures, highlights of party building, achievements of civilized practice, and honor lists, and is open to the public for free all year round.

In order to further stimulate the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, the Shizitou Village Party Branch established party organizations in non-public enterprises, sent three party building instructors, and regularly organized party members to carry out theme party day activities. Take the lead in organizing village enterprises to regularly hold employment training for the "Sunshine Project" and "Warm Project" to improve the overall quality of the labor export team and support the surplus labor to transfer employment nearby and in time. In recent years, the village has achieved more than 300 employments through various trainings and more than 600 labor transfers.

"On the development path of Lions Head Village Revitalization, party members have always been a banner. The village party branch adheres to the idea of 'branches with party members and party members with the masses', and encourages the mobilization of 40 village members in the village to actively take the initiative in various areas of the village. Service, play an active role, and make a party member more promising. "Sailong Township Party Secretary Cai Longyu said.

In the environmental sanitation rectification and "star-level civilized households" appraisal activities, party members took the lead to rectify and take the lead in reforming, which further motivated the villagers to join in, forming a good pattern of co-construction, management and sharing. In order to build a beautiful countryside, the two committees of the village raised millions of yuan for various types of funds in the village by visiting villagers and actively seeking subsidy funds, and completed infrastructure such as water supply and drainage pipe network reconstruction, village road hardening, and outdoor fitness and cultural squares. With the construction of the project, the appearance of the village was changed.

Party construction led the once impoverished "lion head" to raise its head. The village has successively won the tenth and eleventh civilized villages and towns in the province, the province's first batch of rural community construction pilot villages, and the provincial new rural construction "hundred village demonstration" contact point. , More than 60 honors such as the key demonstration village for the construction of a new socialist countryside in Fuan City. (Reporter Zhang Wenkui)

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