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Blackout Notice on December 27, 2019

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, 拟对下列供电设备进行停电 , 请停电范围内的客户提前做好准备。 Dear customers: Due to the needs of power maintenance, power engineering, municipal engineering, etc. , it is planned to power off the following power supply equipment . Customers in the power outage range should prepare in advance.

Warm reminder: because the construction may be completed in advance and the line may be powered in advance, please stop the electrical operation during the power outage to avoid personal injury or property damage caused by the power supply in advance. In case of bad weather or special circumstances, the above construction may be postponed, and the inconvenience caused to you, please understand. sgcc-fj ”微信公众号,即可查询实时停电信息及未来 7 天计划停电信息等。 Pay attention to the “State Grid Fujian Electric Power” or “ sgcc-fj ” WeChat public account to query real-time power outage information and planned power outage information for the next 7 days.

Planned outage time

Blackout line

Outage range

   2019-12-27 07: 00-17: 00

Chengao Line

) 、港口村鑫利船舶修造厂() 、池下村中华人民共和国宁德海事局() 、三都镇南澳村、三都镇新塘村、三都镇大湾村、三都镇坪岗村葛藤湾村、三都镇坪岗村池下村、坪岗村宁德市三都惠民渔港建设发展有限公司(专) Lingkou Village, Xintang Village, Sandu Town, Caijiayang Natural Village, Xintang Village, Sandu Town, the following are short-term power outage users: Pinggang Village, Sandu Town, Liushuikeng Village, Pinggang Village, Sandu Town, Dugang Village Company ( special ) , Gangcun Village Xinli Ship Repair and Manufacturing Factory ( special ) , Chixia Village Ningde Maritime Bureau of the People's Republic of China ( special ) , Nan'ao Village, Sandu Town, Xintang Village, Sandu Town, Dawan Village, Sandu Town, Sandu Getengwan Village, Zhenpinggang Village, Chixia Village, Pinggang Village, Sandu Town, Sandu Huimin Fishing Port Construction and Development Co., Ltd. (Special)


95598 Repair service telephone: 95598 ; Website:

         State Grid Ningde Power Supply Company

         12 19 December 19 , 2019

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