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Notice of Ningde Housing Provident Fund Management Center on the suspension of the transfer of the provident fund at the end of the year

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厅住房公积金监管处的统一安排,为了保证我市公积金年终结转顺利完成,自 2019年 12 25 日(星期 0 : 00 陆续暂停 办理 部分业务(包括柜面、网厅、微信等综合服务平台),具体安排如下: According to the unified arrangement of the Housing Provident Fund Supervision Department of the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction , in order to ensure that the end of the city's provident fund year is completed successfully, some businesses (including counters, Internet Office, WeChat and other integrated service platforms), the specific arrangements are as follows:

停跨行业务(业务包含:跨行提取,跨行付款 中心 / 省内个人账户合并 /转移,异地转移接续 等业务) 1. The inter-bank business will be suspended from 0:00 on December 25 (the business includes: inter-bank withdrawal, inter-bank payment , cross- center / inter-bank provincial personal account merger / transfer, off-site transfer and other services) .

贷款发放业务 2. The loan distribution business will be suspended from 0:00 on December 26 .

所有业务 办理。 3. All business will be suspended from 12:00 on December 30th .

1月2日恢复所有业务的申请与受理。 Application and acceptance of all business will be resumed on January 2, 2020 . Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you.


                          住房公积金 管理 中心 Ningde Housing Provident Fund Management Center

                                               19 12 18 20 December 18 , 19

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