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Notice of the Education Bureau of Ningde City on Carrying Out the Assessment of Class I Teachers (Secondary School) in 2019

Ning Faculty Reform [2019] No. 14
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Counties (cities, districts) Education Bureau, Education Bureau of Dongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Municipal relevant schools:

According to the spirit of the Ningde Education Bureau and the Ningde Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Evaluation of Teachers' Titles in 2019" (Ningjiao Vocational Reform [2019] No. 8), Grade-level teacher (secondary school) professional title review, lectures, lectures and business assessment related matters are notified as follows:

I. Assessment time and place

1. Time: December 21, 2019

2. Venue: Fuyang Experimental Primary School Fuyang Campus (next to Fu'an Education Bureau)

Object of assessment

Those who have applied for job evaluation of first-level teachers (secondary schools) and passed pre-qualification in 2019 (list attached).

Third, the assessment content

1. Assessment project: fragment teaching.

2. Scope of assessment: According to the characteristics of middle school teaching and the actual balance of the disciplines involved in each discipline, the ethics and rule of law, history, and chemistry disciplines of the junior middle school are in the 9th grade semester, and the assessment scope of other disciplines is uniformly determined as the 8th grade. semester. The assessment scope of each subject in the high school segment is unified to determine the compulsory modules for the high school.

3. Use of teaching materials

According to the current use of textbooks in counties (cities, districts) of our city, the regulations for the use of textbooks for assessment are as follows:

( 1) Junior high school: Chinese (People's Education Edition), Mathematics (Beijing Normal University Edition), English (Science Edition), Morality and Rule of Law (Moral Education) (People Education Edition), History (People Education Edition), Geography (Hunan Education) , Physics (Human Education Edition), Chemistry (Human Education Edition), Biology (Biological Experimenter) (Human Education Edition), Fine Arts (Hunan Art Edition), Sports and Health (Human Education Edition), Music (Hunan Literature and Art), Information Technology (Minjiao Edition).

( 2) The evaluation target of special education education subject comes with a volume of teaching materials for the applied subject. Mental health subjects do not designate teaching materials.

Fourth, assessment methods

1. The total score of the teaching performance of the segment is 100 points, and those with a total score of 70 or above are qualified.

2. The assessment order and topics are determined by lot. (不计分值) ,考核时间为 10分钟。 The preparation time is 40 minutes (without scoring value) and the assessment time is 10 minutes.

3. All counties (cities and districts), relevant schools of the Dongqiao Education Bureau and municipalities are responsible for notifying the local test takers to participate on time.

Five, assessment procedures

1. Determine the order by drawing lots. Participants will gather in the “waiting room” at 8:00 and draw lots to determine the order of assessment.

2. Participants from each subject group No. 1 entered the "exam preparation room" 40 minutes in advance to start class preparation; thereafter, every 10 minutes, the participants entered the "exam preparation room" in order to begin preparations.

3. Participants who have not entered the "exam preparation room" must be concentrated in the "examination room".

4. Each participant will be assessed separately for 10 minutes.

6. Other matters

1. Participants should bring their ID cards to the conference room on the fifth floor of Fuyang Campus of Fu'an Experimental Elementary School before 8:00 am on December 21st. Those who are late will be deemed to have given up.

2. Participants shall not bring mobile phones, electronic storage, memory recording and playback equipment and other communication tools, computers, self-provided teaching materials and reference materials into the preparation room and examination room, and shall not carry encroachment, transmission, plagiarism and other discipline violations.

3. Participants shall not disclose their names, work units, etc. during the assessment; they shall obey the management of the staff and consciously observe the discipline of the examination room. Disqualification for serious violations of discipline in the examination room.



Ningde Education Bureau

December 16, 2019

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