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Notice of Ningde Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision on the Announcement of the Selection Results of the "100 Hundred Integrity Demonstration Units in the Operation of Cosmetics" in 2019

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Counties (cities, districts) Market Supervision Bureau, Dongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone Market Supervision Bureau, and related cosmetics operating companies:

In order to standardize the order of the cosmetics circulation market, promote the establishment of the integrity system of cosmetics business enterprises, improve the quality management level of cosmetics business enterprises, and ensure the safety of public consumption of cosmetics, according to the "Guiding Opinions of the Fujian Food and Drug Administration on the Establishment of Cosmetics Business Units" (Min Food and Drug Administration Baohua Letter [2017] No. 445) and "Notice of Ningde Food and Drug Administration on Launching the Work of Establishing" Hundred Integrity Demonstration Units in Cosmetics Business "(Ning Food and Drug Administration Yaotong [2017] 115 No.) requires that from 2017 to 2020, a hundred cosmetics demonstration units of integrity in the city will be selected. The results of the 2019 annual selection are notified as follows:

After voluntary application by enterprises, preliminary review, review and recommendation by county-level market supervision and management bureaus, and review and review by city market supervision bureaus, 28 companies including Wal-Mart (Fujian) Commercial Retail Co., Ltd. Ningde Tianhu East Road Branch were identified as the 2019 cosmetics business enterprises' integrity demonstration Units (see attachment for details).

It is hoped that the above-mentioned cosmetics business integrity demonstration units will make persistent efforts, strengthen quality and safety management, and effectively play a leading role in demonstration. At the same time, the county (city, district) market supervision and management departments should take this opportunity to create a "cosmetics business hundred integrity demonstration units" as an opportunity to further strengthen the quality and safety supervision of cosmetics business, and promote the overall improvement of the quality management level of cosmetics business in the jurisdiction. It is necessary to vigorously publicize the typical experience and practices of "cosmetics business integrity demonstration units", and vigorously promote the good atmosphere of "honest and trustworthy, legal business" throughout the society. In daily supervision, the frequency of supervision and inspection of demonstration enterprises can be reduced accordingly. It is necessary to give full play to the typical guiding role of demonstration enterprises and make new contributions to promoting the quality and safety of cosmetics business in the city.

Attachment: Integrity Demonstration Unit for Cosmetics Business Enterprises in 2019

Ningde Market Supervision Administration

December 3, 2019

(This case will be actively disclosed)

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