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The black and odorous water body in the city center is undergoing rain and sewage diversion during the third phase of construction.

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On December 19, the reporter saw at the construction site of the new Jiaocheng South North Road project in the third phase of the construction of the black and odorous water body in the city center that the rain and sewage were diverted. Workers saw the rain to carry out construction to ensure progress. The reporter learned from the city investment company that the EPC-winning unit has entered the site to carry out project survey and design work, and is currently implementing Guiqi, Tashan, Nanyuan New Village, Shunyuan Ting, Licheng Villa, Hongtang New Village, and City Gansu Construction of 11 sections including Heshan Road, Jinglao Road, Guxi Village, and Jiaocheng North Road has completed the construction of 19,352 meters of rainwater and sewage main pipes and 6,327 meters of branch pipes. (Reporter Xu Yan)

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