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The Jiaocheng District Transportation Bureau, in conjunction with the city's traffic enforcement detachment and the traffic police department, launched a special operation to combat illegal operations.

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,蕉城区交通运输局 联合交通执法支队、大门山交警中队在宁德市动车站开展打击非法营运专项行动。 On December 18 , the Jiaocheng District Transportation Bureau joint traffic law enforcement detachment and the Damenshan Traffic Police Squadron launched a special operation to combat illegal operations at the Ningde City Station.

Due to the wide range of stations, the mobility of passengers is strong, and the attack is difficult. 人员依据前期部署,迅速开展执法工作,一组以便衣为主,流动于场站内、停车场附近开展打黑行动,另一组集中力量在动车站出口处对私家车、出租车以及村村通等车辆进行停车排查。 Law enforcement officers quickly carried out law enforcement work in accordance with the preliminary deployment. One group focused on clothing and carried out hacking operations in the station and near the parking lot. The other group focused on private cars, taxis, and village communication at the exit of the train station. Wait for the vehicle to make a parking check.

查处非法营运 5 ,出租车不打表 3起,村村通超越许可范围2起 According to statistics, on the day of the operation, 6 law enforcement vehicles were dispatched , 26 law enforcement officers, 53 vehicles were inspected, 5 illegal operations were investigated , 3 taxis were not hitting the meter , and 2 were passed by the village . 步, 我局 大队将继续组织开展联合行动, 持续加强打击非法营运等行为 净化客运市场秩序,为 即将到来 的春运出行 提供 安全保障 In the next step , the brigade of our bureau will continue to organize and carry out joint operations, continue to strengthen the fight against illegal operations, and purify the order of the passenger transport market, and provide security for the upcoming Spring Festival travel .


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