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Ningde City Road Transportation Management Office visited to understand the market situation of the automotive maintenance and inspection industry

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市道 路运输 12月18日至20日 开展汽车维修检测行业走访活动, 解机动车维修 市场价格动态和市场运行变化情况,加强综检价格监测预警 Ningde City Road Transportation Management Department carried out a visit to the automobile maintenance and inspection industry from December 18th to 20th to understand the market price dynamics of motor vehicle maintenance and changes in market operation, and strengthened the comprehensive inspection price monitoring and early warning .

现场咨询、听取汇报、查阅台帐等方式共走访 我市 12家机动车综合性能 检测 ,并在走访过程中要求市交通运输协会 发挥行业协会的作用维护市场价格秩序,关注舆情动态,引导 综检站合理、平稳定价, 进一步规范全市汽车维修检测行业 稳定 发展。 The staff visited 12 comprehensive vehicle performance testing stations in our city through on-site consultation, listening to reports, and checking account books. During the visit, they asked the Municipal Transportation Association to play the role of an industry association to maintain market price order and pay attention to public opinion trends To guide reasonable and stable pricing of comprehensive inspection stations, and further standardize the steady development of the city's auto maintenance and inspection industry .

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