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Gutian County Transportation Bureau Held a Meeting for Rural Highway Project Supervision Units

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古田县交通运输局召开农村公路项目监理单位约谈会,古田县交通运输局局长李健、副局长刘伦建、副局长余养森、质监所工作人员及各在建农村公路项目监理单位参加会议 On December 23, the Gutian County Transportation Bureau held a meeting of the supervision unit for rural road projects. Li Jian, the director of the Gutian County Transportation Bureau, Liu Lunjian, the deputy director, Yu Yangsen, the deputy director, the staff of the quality supervision institute, and rural roads under construction. The project supervision unit attended the meeting .

The meeting put forward specific requirements for the problems and status quo of project site supervision and management, cost contract management and control, and technical construction, and discussed and discussed the next project supervision mode, working methods, and how to pre-control the hidden dangers of project quality.

The meeting requested that the supervision unit should implement its responsibilities in terms of safety, quality, cost, schedule, and environmental protection to ensure safe construction, civilized construction, and green construction. 相关 法律法规及规范标准要求控制工程质量,规范行为、认真履职,把握重点、坚守原则,加大监理力度,尤其对项目施工中的薄弱环节,严格履行监理单位责任和义务,充分发挥监理作用。 Control the quality of the project in strict accordance with relevant laws, regulations and standard requirements, standardize behavior, perform duties conscientiously, grasp key points, adhere to principles, and strengthen supervision, especially for weak links in project construction, strictly perform the responsibilities and obligations of the supervision unit, and give full play to Supervision role.

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