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Our Committee Approves the Preliminary Design of the First Phase Construction Project of the New Campus of Ningde No.1 Middle School

Published: 09:21, November 14, 2019 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

Recently, our committee approved the preliminary design of the first-stage construction project of the new campus of Ningde No.1 Middle School. 工程总建筑面积为 103658.28 平方米 , 其中地上建筑面积 97658.28 平方米,地下建筑面积 6000 平方米。 The total construction area of the project is 103,658.28 square meters , of which the floor construction area is 97658.28 square meters, and the underground construction area is 6000 square meters. 1 ,新建6栋学生宿舍楼,建设一处 400 米标准田径场和一处 250 米田径场;同时配套建设相关附属配套工程。 Newly built a book office building, an experimental building, a teaching building, a teaching experimental building, a sports art center, a teacher and student canteen , 6 new student dormitory buildings, and a 400- meter standard track field and a 250- meter track field Supporting related auxiliary projects. 51573.26 万元, 建设工期为 20个月。 The estimated investment for the project is 551.726 million yuan, and the construction period is 20 months. The project construction will effectively alleviate the pressure of high school degree shortages in Ningde City, expand high-quality school resources, and make up for shortcomings in education.

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