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Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government Work Inspection Team Inspection Work in Dongqiao Jiaocheng

Source: Mindong Daily Published: November 12, 2019 09:29 Views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

On the afternoon of the 11th, the Municipal Party Secretary Guo Xiwen and the Mayor Liang Weixin led the work inspection team to inspect the work in Dongqiao and Jiaocheng, and successively inspected the new energy technology Huxi Industrial Park Digital Project Phase III project, SAIC Ningde (Jiaocheng Sanyu) base host plant. Assembly workshops, etc., to understand in depth the services of the Dongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone to serve the "Golden Doll" and expand the industrial chain. The Jiaocheng District Corps battles and group-type attacks to carry out major project relocations and supporting project construction, creating a "Ningde speed, Jiaocheng model "And so on. The city leaders commented on the development of Dongqiao and Jiaocheng. (Reporter Wu Jianming and Su Jingjing)

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