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Guo Xiwen emphasized when investigating "go self-tour" new energy vehicle time-sharing lease project

Published: November 19, 2019 10:45 Page views: {{pvCount}} [font: large, medium and small ]

On November 18th, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Guo Xiwen led the responsible persons of relevant municipal departments to the “go self-traveling” new energy vehicle time-sharing rental project to investigate, understand the operation and construction of charging piles, and help coordinate and solve difficult problems. City leaders Chen Qichun and Yang Fang participated in the survey.

Guo Xiwen pointed out that Ningde has two major companies: Times New Energy and SAIC Ningde Base. "New energy" is the symbol of Ningde and "green" is the image of Ningde. All departments at all levels must implement the "One Two Three" development strategy to build a beautiful landscape. The high level of natural ecology, vigorously build electric Ningde, green Ningde, and support the development of new energy vehicles, leasing and other industries. The state-owned enterprises and the well-known enterprises in the industry to construct the "go self-tour" new energy vehicle time-sharing project is an important part of the municipal party committee and government to build electric Ningde and green Ningde. It is a convenient measure encouraged and supported by the party committee and government. Scenic spots in a line and promote the development of tourism in the region will also play an important role. Relevant departments should take the initiative to provide services, strengthen the planning layout and construction of public parking lots and charging piles, and issue policies to support the development of new energy vehicle leasing industries, and help enterprises further do better cooperation and promotion with local new energy vehicle production enterprises. And so on. Enterprises should strengthen their own management, do a good job of vehicle safety maintenance, cleaning, etc., better provide convenient and reliable services for citizens, and promote sustainable development of enterprises. (Reporter Wu Jianming)

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